Maddie's got the best piano teacher. Ever.

So I'm about to unashamedly rave about Maddie's piano teacher. 

Simply put,she's a dream.
It took months and months to find her. 

 I chased down different leads from the internet to little garage-sale-type signs on the corners of major intersections, to throwing it out on Facebook to see if anyone had recommendations. They all came up empty for me for a variety of reasons.
Outrageous costs {the downfall of living in a huge city like Chicago}, male teachers {sorry, it was important to Maddie to have a girl teacher}, to the right personality {some seemed like great teachers but perhaps lacking in gentleness}

And then, in a casual conversation with my dear friend Melissa, she said, "You should try Meghan Gilbert. She teaches piano and is very good at it." And I about fell off my chair. Seriously? Meghan teaches piano? How did I not know this and where have you been the last 8 months while I was on the hunt for the perfect piano teacher? Why are you holding back wonderful information from one of your bff's I ask? 

And so I Facebook-ed Meghan and she said she had some availability and she gave all the details and I KNEW, just deep down KNEW, that SHE was the one that was to teach Maddie. 

I don't know Meghan well at all -- casual acquaintances through church programs over the years, and yet I've always thought she was delightful and kind-hearted and fun with a little bit of sass. {She has red hair and we all know that red hair comes with just a touch of sass, right? I secretly wish I had red hair. With lots of curl. See, you learn something new about me almost every day.} 

And so with just a little bit of knowledge about her I knew she would be the perfect fit for Maddie.
 You see, our Madison is, how shall we say it, tender and sensitive. She's a perfectionist and wants to do a really good job at piano. And while we've had a piano in our home since before her birth, she just recently started expressing an interest in playing. 

And because I was forced to play at a young age and I hated every second of it, as was the hubster who also had the same experience, I refused to force this on Maddie any earlier than when she was ready. Just wasn't worth the headaches that I knew -- from personal experience -- would happen if she was being made to play instead of having a desire to play. {I knew it would eventually come -- she's loved music from early, early on in her little life.} 

 Sorry, back to Meghan. 
And so, if you're in the market for a super talented, loving piano teacher for yourself or anyone you know, I HIGHLY recommend Meghan and I happen to have the inside scoop that she's actually opening up more piano lesson slots because she loves it that much and wants to move from her regularly scheduled job into doing what she loves. Teaching piano. 

So if you'd like, leave me your email address and I'll send you Meghan's information. 

I hope many will call her and if I were you I'd act quickly because I guarantee her lessons will be gone in a jiffy.

 Cuz she's just THAT good. 

{And please pass the word along.}


My piano teacher died unexpectedly two weeks ago, we are heartbroken...does your teacher come to the house? I have four daughters that take lessons. Thanks, Ann
Alysa said…
Oh Ann, so sorry to hear that your piano teacher died. So, so sad.

Meghan's phone number is 773-988-3601 if you want to give her a call and see if she would come to your house. I hope that works out for you -- she truly is delightful.

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