Busy in the Backyard

Jack and I are big on the outdoors. And the beauty of nature. Summary: we really can't get enough of being outside. {As an aside, I'm still not sure why we live in the Midwest, but that's a post for another day.} 

Curious how we've managed to live at our home for 12 years now and we didn't even have a table in our backyard. It's like the space didn't exist. We'd walk down our back steps right to the garage door and we didn't even want to see our backyard in our peripheral {the use of 'peripheral' was for you, Kristin and Melissa} 

Our poor backyard was neglected.


{Oh, and in case you're wondering, backyard is one word and front yard is two. And we wonder why people have a hard time learning English.}

But not this summer. Things changed. We got busy in the backyard and made it all pretty-like and functional, the best of two worlds. And we've used it ALMOST every day. Eating lunch and supper out back. Hanging out on the grass while little Coco butters explored. 

It's our happy space. 

{And if you're quiet I'll let you in on a little secret. Jack is LOVING flowers these days. I even heard him say they make him happy. Shhhh. You didn't hear it from me. I've loved them all my life. He, not so much. I'd like to think it's my incredible charisma and infuence that has turned him on to flowers but again, let's keep that between you and me and the world-wide-web.}

We even -- EVEN -- planted a garden and I do use that term very loosely. One cucumber plant that promptly took over the entire side of our garage and some serious carrots that were a little, how shall we say it, small and plump-like and probably not fit for a rabbit to eat. Just kidding. I think Jack liked them, and I made fun of them.

I am a HUGE lover of window boxes. Always have been. Always will be. Got me one and now I'm trying to angle for some more because a house is just more delightful with more window boxes, wouldn't you agree?

We keep shaking our heads saying, "Why did we not do this, oh, a DECADE ago?" But we didn't, so now we're livin' it up in our backyard.
Wanna come over for a bbq? 

And just because every good blog post should probably include a photo of Coco, here she is, enjoying our back yard!


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