A Magical Forest Sort of Day {Chicago Maternity Photographer}

Not going to lie. 
This was one of my all-time favorite photo sessions EVER

From a photography standpoint alone, the lighting was great, the setting was magical, the subject was beautiful. And Kat is a photographer, too, so we got to talk shop and posing and best angles and all that nerdy photography technical stuff that no one else wants to talk about. 

She was willing to lie on the ground and sit on logs and dance in the forest. 
I'm telling you, when the subject is willing to rock the shots, 
the images end up absolutely stunning. 
{And it doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous to begin with, right?}
And then from a personal standpoint, I've had the pleasure of watching Kat grow up. 
Well, not completely - it's not like I knew her at birth, but from a high school student through college through marriage and now onto her third pregnancy. 

I love that she lives in Chicago and while we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like, she is just a phone call away. 

Her family was one -- of many -- that took me in when I lived in Indonesia for three years so I actually consider her to be a little sister. We've traipsed through the jungles of Indonesia together on Outdoor Education trips. I've wandered over to their house and 'surprise' they were throwing me a 29th birthday party. I taught her AP English with a few other girls and let's just say that I might have seen her at her best and her worst

We were one of the first to meet "Bob" -- her then boyfriend and now husband. {And, for the record, he is THE.PERFECT.FIT for her and she for him.} 

 I've watched in amazement as she fell into the mommy role quite beautifully. She is an amazing mother. 

 And here she is with Baby Number Three on the way. 
{And I might just add, when this one is born in a few weeks, she will have three babies UNDER the age of three. Emphasis on UNDER the age of three.
Someone pin a medal on her shirt or go buy her a new purse or somethin', please?!!!}

Kat, you are a beautiful mother of two and soon to be three.
 I hope you know how much you're loved and adored!
Can't wait to meet {and photograph} Baby number three!


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