Double Digits.

Maddie turned ten today. 

That seems downright impossible because I swear that this picture below just happened, like yesterday.
They said it would happen. That I would blink and she would be ten.  
They was right. 

They said those long, long, sleepless nights would be over in the blink of an eye.  
They was right. 

They said to let the dishes go and make memories with your baby.  
They was right.
I look back now and love that over the years my house couldn't pass the 'white glove test' {Ever, if I'm being brutally honest, and quite frankly, I don't give a rip.} And that was because she and I were at the Botanic Gardens an awful lot. Or, the Arboretum. Or, over by the lake, clocking the miles on the jogging stroller. {Don't panic, I was fast walking, not jogging.} 

On the way home from the lake tonight I listened to her tell her Aunt Becky a fun story and she seemed so grown up with her word choice and how she was telling the story. I don't know -- hard to describe other than she just seemed more grown up to me tonight.

I listened to her sing songs to the radio and her voice seemed so 'big girl'. She's trying her hand at harmonizing and I love her little voice. So beautiful and innocent and pure. 

I saw her grab "Coco" in protection as Jack slammed on the brakes because of crazy drivers in front of us. She was acting like a double-digits girl. Taking responsibility for the little fluff of fur beside her in the car. 

I saw her graciously and lovingly thanking each person that gave her gifts for her birthday, just like a big girl ought to do.

We did our birthday tradition at Outback last night and her face absolutely beamed as we went around the table, telling her what we appreciated about her this year. How we felt like she had grown. What character traits we feel like she developed. 

And Papa reminded us that there are countless kids in this world that never EVER get verbal affirmation. They don't ever hear we're proud of you. They long to hear the words, "You're good at _____" and the silence cuts to their little hearts. 

For me, this year I've seen Maddie just explode with responsibility. From being a mommy's helper to a friend down the street, to dog walking Max and Ellie, to caring for our own sweet Coco Puff to 100% dealing with her leopard geckos. And 'shock-of-all-shocks', the last month or so she has even kept her room sparkling clean with no 'treasures' {and I do use the term treasures rather loosely} on the floor, under the bed, on top of every flat surface imaginable. 

She still loves horses and dogs. She got a pair of TOMS shoes from Gobbie and Grandpa and she is over-the-moon excited about those. {TOMS gives away a pair of shoes to a kid in need for every pair that are bought, so Maddie was pretty stoked about that.

She has a big heart {still does and I  imagine, always will}. 

She is still artistic {here is her turtle at age 3 and if I were on top of things I'd have a side-by-side comparison of her turtle at age 10. But I'm not.}

She remains quite the fashion conscious gal. 

She so desperately wants her brother to play school with her, every single day because she wants to be Miss Clark and teach him all sorts of wonderful things she thinks he should know. 

She's my big helper, watering plants and grass outside without me even saying. 

She still fights constantly {as in all day every day} with her brother and she may or may not be giving me all sorts of extra grey hair because of this, but we'll leave that out of this letter since this is supposed to be the positive highlights of walking into ten years old.

Just recently she was writing a little note to a friend of ours who is having health issues and she had her Bible out, looking for verses that might bring our friend comfort. I had to walk out of the room and compose myself when I saw that because THAT makes my mother's heart sing. 

Maddie just might be a lawyer some day as she can come up with some pretty rock solid arguments on just about anything. Pretty regularly. {As in all day every day if you catch my drift, but again, we're not saying that here.}  

Actually, I take that back, she's probably going to be an advocate for those that don't have a voice some day ... I can see her fighting for those that are rejected by society, or poverty-stricken, or desperate for someone to help them in their deepest needs. Because that's who she is to the core. I love with a capital LOVE that about my Maddie. 

Maddie is a joy and a delight. 

She's double-digits now. 

Only 8 more years under our roof. We've had her longer now than we have left with her. 

Stop it. That makes me all teary-eyed.  

They was right. You blink and they grow up. 

Ten today. 

She promised us, out on the boat today, that this was her very last birthday. 

She'll stay ten forever.
Please, Sweet Sweets, stay ten. Please???


Anonymous said…
Once again you touched my life with your story of a beautiful little (big) girl inside and out who is the daughter of a beautiful mommy inside and out. Alysa, thank you for being such a Godly example of what it takes to be a supportive mom. For the record, I don't give a rip about the stuff in my house either! It can wait for a run through the sprinkler or a "mommy can you help me draw a pricture of an elephant"?
Alysa said…
Thanks, Donna, for your sweet words. Is this Donna from Guelph? Hugs to you! Looking forward to your family photo shoot in November. =)

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