In an effort to keep it real .... 

I'm stuck. 

At the same point I get stuck every single time I try to lose weight. Year after year, decade after decade.

At around 25 pounds lost I plateau. 

I weighed this morning and was up a pound.

I share because I have, over the past few months, shared some of the victory along the way so I want to share some of the hard times, too. 

I wish this post was entitled "I HIT THIRTY." Because I've been on the brink of it since March 17th ... And here we are, 6 weeks later, and I'm up and down, down and up, between 25 - 30 pounds and I can't seem to step into the realm of thirty.

If you want my honest thoughts, I want to give up. I'm tired of always hitting this roadblock. Always. I get rather frustrated with my body that somehow, on the inside, my metabolism or something hits this weight and says, "Okay, we've been doing this for a few months, time to stop."

I know the answers. I know I can't give up. I know I shouldn't give up. I know I have come a long way. I know it will be worth it to keep trying. I know I will feel so much better physically, as well as just about myself, if I push through and keep faithful to watching what I eat and exercising. I know I have to get super strict again about what goes in my mouth. I know all sorts of resources to tap into like my Weight Watchers group and healthy recipes and on and on. I know that sometimes we hit plateaus and we should just push through and never give up. I know I need to bear down and do the hard work whether I want to or not. I know I should change up my exercise routine so that my body is tricked by not doing the same old thing. I know I need to do this for my health. I know, I know, I know.

But sometimes knowing isn't enough. Like this time.

Sometimes, like this time for me, I just need to know that people are praying me through so I don't give up. So I don't give into that temptation of just saying, "Screw it. I'm done."

So today, I reach out, across the Internet lines that span the world and ask that if you're the praying sort, that you'd pray that I'd be motivated to keep at it, to do the hard work, to persevere, to not lose hope in this journey ...

I believe in the power of prayer with every ounce of my fibre, and I'd love to testify to God's work in my life and through your prayers, next Tuesday when I weigh in, that He saw me through this discouraging plateau and desire to give up this week.

No need to comment or write - I know I am well loved and supported by so many of you around the globe. I feel richly blessed by deep friendships all over the place. Knowing that you are praying will warm my heart more than you could possibly imagine.

On the way out of stuck and into unstuck ... with God's help.

Lovingly, Alysa


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