Now Introducing ....

The hubs and I have kept a little secret from 

Not because we don't like you, but simply because, well, we wanted to keep our secret a secret, until today.

And you say, "Oh no you didn't." 

And we say, "Oh yes we did." 

We caved. We fell hard. 

And for those of you that are 'in the know', you can testify to the fact that this is no small miracle. 

Some of you are picking up your jaws right this second. 

And some of you are dialing the phone right now, but we can't come to the phone right now because, well, we're playing .... 

We're sort of eating crow right now because we said "NEVER" in big.CAPITAL.letters get a dog. Ever.

And then we opened the door to the possibility. 

And we pictured today and this reaction and we knew we had to do it. 

 It's a super long story and I promise to tell it next week, 

but for now, say hello to the newest member of our family...


Julie K. said…
Oh my . The cuteness is killer. I cannot imagine the reaction. I can.NOT wait to hear the whole entire story. Every last detail!! What a super fun secret!! :)
Mae said…
Thrilled for Maddie (especially) and Jackson. Yes, we want to hear the story.

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