A Little Bit Of Nothin' {randomness}

Spent a lot of time with my new bff "Dawn" today. 

Because someone came in and destroyed my kitchen over the weekend. 


Older sister found paint.
and brother's face and came up with this.
Younger brother didn't seem to mind. 

 My broken camera should be back from the shop early next week. Hooray. 

Miss Maddie is walking another dog these days. Meet Ellie.
Since Max moved out of the 'hood, Maddie walks this little gal a couple days a week and is completely smitten. 

 Little Man lost his very first tooth last night. Late on a Sunday night. Hallelujah that I, I mean the tooth fairy, thought ahead to purchase a book {that's what we give around here for tooth loss} last week when the wiggle showed up. 

Telling Gobbie the good news ...

On a completely unrelated note, I know a great dermatologist if you need one. Highly recommend. 

 Little Man is still crazy about his bike and while he is falling very regularly, he usually gets back on and goes at it again. Proud of him.

The last few nights I've fallen asleep to lots of rain {and thunder and lightning} and I love that. And I even heard a train off in the distance one of those nights. That's a perfect combo. 

Enjoy this rainy Monday. 

We are.


Cleary said…
I thought Ellie was a cute, freckle faced, 11 year old girl!

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