We Bowled And The Adults Lost.

Apparently, my mother was on a bowling team in high school.

Who knew?

I actually clued in on the way to the bowling alley when she began throwing out phrases like, "Well, in 5-pin bowling you don't have good pin action like in 10-pin bowling."

Huh? What? Pin action?

So I probed.

She didn't have her own shoes or her own bowling ball {in my humble opinion the determining factor between someone who is really into bowling and merely enjoys it on occasion.)

She doesn't remember if she had a team shirt and if that team shirt had her name on it. {again, in my humble opinion, it seems like that would be important information to remember if you're going to throw out terms like 'pin-action'}

She didn't remember if she practiced every week or day or hour. 

I think she might be lying, but that's just my take.

All she really remembered was that her Uncle Benny put together a team of employees from "The Cream Freeze" {of which she was one}. She has really fond memories of working at The Cream Freeze {like a local Dairy Queen but better}. She says her Uncle Benny was a lot of fun. This is where her love of fountain Diet Coke began. I guess I can blame Uncle Benny for my issues with Diet Coke.

Back to bowling.

She casually stated that my dad had his own bowling ball. Which I take to mean that he was really into it. So now I must ask him for some details, because apparently, the bowling genes skipped a generation and landed squarely on Jackson. 

Six-year-old Jackson.

We bowled.

I came in last, under 100. Maddie was 3rd. My mom was 2nd, barely over 100.

And Jackson.



They say that's a really good score for an adult, let alone a little person. 

Two strikes, at least 2 spares. Unbelievable. 

The kid might have a future on the bowling circuit. {I'm secretly hoping he latches onto the hockey, baseball or soccer circuit because, quite frankly, I like those jerseys better.}

So here's a little pictorial recap of our bowling adventure.

Little buddy was pretty proud of himself!


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