A Two Wheels Sort of Night

It happened tonight.

Two wheels for little buddy.
{I was taking mental snapshots of this moment and Jack said, "Don't you need your camera? This seems like a moment we'd want to document." Um, yes, yes I DO need my camera. I'll be back in a jif.}

A couple weeks ago Jack deposited the training wheels on the garage floor and took Jackson out to try 2-wheelin' it. That particular night it didn't happen.

Jackson was like a drunken sailor all over the sidewalk,
just not 'feelin'  the whole balance thing.

But tonight, April 13th, he got it and he kept saying, "Can you believe I can do it?" He said it in just the most excited, happy, proud, tickled dreamy sort of way. He must have said that a dozen times.

He would ride all the way down the sidewalk to the other end of the street, gingerly stop and fall in the grass and then turn around and repeat.

Over and over and over.

And each time he stopped by us he'd say, "Can I do it again?" Followed quickly by, "Will you watch me do it again?"

Absolutely buddy. We'll stay here and watch for hours if necessary.

This is a big, big deal little man. You're a big boy now. You're building confidence. You're accomplishing. You're learning. You're growing. You're believing in your own abilities. You dreamed of the day that you could ride your bike on two wheels and NOW YOU CAN!

Teacher and student poppin' a celebratory "Pop-a-wheelie"

Big-time concentrating. 

April 13th was yet another milestone in our family's story.

Two kids on two wheels. Our world just expanded. 

It was almost a bit 1950ish as we stood out on the sidewalk watching our kids at dusk.
{If only I had an apron on and had actually cooked supper instead of take-out. June Cleaver would be disgusted.}

It was a bit of a "pinch-me-because-this-is-too-good-to-be-true" moment.

Jack gave me a hug and said -- as both kids tore off down the sidewalk on two wheels --

"I think we're gonna look back on these days as some of the best days of our lives."
And I have to say, I one hundred percent agree.


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