Texan Visitors

My brother, Lenny, and his wife Sarah live in Texas with their four boys.

Here's Andrew {8}

And Matthew {6 soon to be 7}

And Robbie {4 soon to be 5}

And Sammie {2 soon to be 3}
Are they adorable or what? 

 Sarah brought the boys up for their Spring Break and it was one of those super warm Chicago weeks for us, so we did lots outdoors as well as The Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier's Children's Museum and then of course, our family favorite, The Morton Arboretum.

When Lenny and I were growing up, we were the only Canadians in our whole extended family. Our mom and dad, full blooded Americans, moved to Canada before Lenny and I were born, where Dad taught at a college and then ended up becoming an itinerant preacher all over Northern Ontario. Because of that, Lenny and I didn't grow up around our cousins and extended family and only saw them rarely through the years. So we always said that when we grew up and had families, we would live nearby so that our kids could grow up knowing each other. 

Well that didn't work out because he didn't follow the rules and landed in Texas with his family. 

 But we try to pack in as much fun as humanly possible when we are together. Here's proof. {Minus Lenny because, well, he had to stay in Texas and work while Sarah and the boys played.}

Angela, Sarah's sister, lives in Chicago now so we shared the love. And Sarah and Angela's mom and dad live in Des Moines, Iowa, so they came over for the weekend. Talk about a laugh and a half.

So there's just a brief glimpse into the fun we had, ending with the 'crazy' family photo. I should have photo-shopped in Crazy Uncle Lenny. He certainly belonged in this photo!


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