Lone Flower

You know I love the Botanic Gardens, right? 


So what I love about where the kids go to school is that it is only about 12 minutes to the Botanic Gardens.{Yes, I've timed it. I'm weird like that.} 

Sometimes we just need fresh air after they've been cooped up all day behind a desk. 

And so we wandered and cleared our heads -- to quote an old boss of mine -- and just enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine. 

And we happened upon this lone flower that was in a dark corner of the English Garden. 

And it was dark except for the light that was hitting the lone flower. 

If I had time I'd wax eloquent about the light on the flower but really, 
I'm exhausted and need to head to bed. 

So good night.

 Enjoy the random picture of the lone flower.


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