Happy Friday

The kids just got back to school from Spring Break on Monday and they have today off. 

Hmmmm. Curious. 


We're off to do fun things today. I've promised a trip to the dog shelter and I'm gearing up for the stench that is associated with that place. I walk in and it takes my breath away. 
In a bad sort of way. 

And it's supposed to be sunny which equals outdoor time. 

And I might just go make pancakes this morning. "Might" being the operative word in that sentence. I don't want to start the day over-acheiving.

Cheerio my friends.


If only I was waving goodbye from the front seat of a Jeep. 

Now THAT would be a happy Friday for sure!


julie kittredge said…
I dream of owning a yellow jeep one day - you can join me on a joy ride with the top off heading to the beach!! Or ... why wait? ... maybe we should just rent one sometime for a girls weekend!
Alysa said…
ah yes, a yellow jeep is in your future. and a rusty old orange one is in mine ... or black or red ... the key is big phatty phat phat tires and old and beat up ... but in the meantime, I say we rent! =)

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