An Evening In The Forest {Chicagoland Family Photographer}

I love this family. 

For lots of reasons.
They're fun. 
They play together. Often. 
They're genuine. 
They are who they are -- with everyone. 
They love each other like crazy.
They have big hearts and are always on the look out for ways to help other people. 

They share their stuff and they're intentional about sharing their stuff. I love that about them. 

Catherine -- this beautiful gal ---
is a dear friend and happens to be the friend that got this photography gig underway. 
{You can read about it here

Our husbands go way back, before Catherine and I were even in the picture. 
They rib each other and make fun of each other, as only guys can do, and as only girls cannot understand how guys can do. 
They call each other ugly. 
It's weird. 
I guess that's how guys do it. Or at least that's how Mark and Jack do it. 
 In fact, I downloaded the images from my camera last night and Jack walked by and saw a picture of Catherine and Mark and I said, "Isn't Catherine beautiful in this one?" 
And without missing a beat he said, "Ya, she is and Mark is ugly!" 
I don't get it! 

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite shots from our hour together on Thursday night. Honestly, there were countless more but at some point I just had to stop myself.

The sunlight was stunning. 

The forest was green. 

And of course, the family was beautiful!

There's something quite moving about a mother's love, right?

And Daddy's sure do love to play ...

Oldest ...

Youngest ...

Middle ...

And perhaps my very favorite photo of the day ...
And just a few of my favorites in black and white ...


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