Cowgirl Maddie in Canada

Often Maddie will fight me when I want to take a random photo of her, rolling her eyes, giving me "the look" that says leave me alone ... 

So imagine my surprise when I casually said, "Maddie, we should do a photo shoot after supper with your new cowgirl hat." Without skipping a beat she said rather excitedly, "OKAY!!" 

{Which, can I just say the cowboy hat was two bucks at Dollarama, the Canadian version of Dollar Tree. Special thanks to Gobbie for this sweet hat that Maddie has been wearing around the clock. I'd say it suits her well. }

Now you know I jumped all over that and off we went and had a great time together. She did a lot of her own posing which was so fun. She'd say, "Okay Mom, I'm going to sit like this and kick up my leg but look sideways."

I have to say, it was precious. We even drove out into the country a bit to see if we could find a horse to pose with {the things you do for your child}. Alas, no horse but she'll get her horse fix tomorrow as Ms. Lexi is taking her trail riding {if the weather holds}. 

Here are a few of my favorites from our mini photo shoot last night. 

Nine-and-a-half years old, closer to ten.

Time certainly does fly. "They" told me that, but I didn't believe they in the midst of diaper changing and early morning rising. 
They was right. 
She's now almost double-digits.

Sweet sweets, you are a joy and delight and you look so darn cute in that cowgirl hat and boots.


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