Sweet Girls.

Sweet girls less than two weeks ago.

Well hello blue eyes.

Isn't there something precious about sister hugs? Julia is so sweet with her little sister.

I just love the families and children I photograph. The first time I met this family was when Big Sister Julia was three and Little Amelia was in her mama's tummy. A couple shots from our first visit ...

Isn't there something miraculous and beautiful about a pregnant belly?

 Little Amelia arrived in August so we hung out just a few days later for a couple of hours. Oh mercy --- talk about a beautiful bundle of joy.


You'd never know Katie had just given birth. Stunningly beautiful with babe in arm.

And then this fall it was time for a family photo shoot ...

Little Amelia was not a happy camper pretty much the entire time.

Quite a serious little wee one.

Doesn't a fistful of balloons make everything perfect? 
Ya, thought you'd agree.

 Which brings me to the end of March just a couple weeks ago. 

Julia turned four and Amelia is now seven months. 

Julia is such a doll. She got the biggest chuckle out of me calling her the wrong name. She'd chuckle and yell out, "That's not my name!" She was a great little helper, willing to pick out blankets for her little sister to sit on and test my lighting and props.

This next image begs me to ask, "What are you thinkin' about sweet little one?" It's as if she's far away in a fairy tale. I absolutely LOVE this shot. As in, one of my all-time favorites ever.

SO many to choose from.

Another personal fave from our hour together ...  rather mysterious I suppose.

I believe I called her "Chloe" on this one ... 

And this one I might have called her "Fancy Nancy" ...

This next one tells the story of innocence, not a care in the world, happy heart ... the story that every child in the world should be able to tell.

And here's just a little bit of mischief ...

And this one says, "Dad, can we go to Disney World?" And Dad answers, "Why yes darling, you can have anything you'd like ..."

And then there's precious little Amelia. 

Captured some precious expressions ...

And her more serious side.

How about that sweet little lip? 

Love me a good little suitcase.

We got some great smile shots but BOY HOWDY we worked extremely hard to get those, didn't we Katie?  Katie might have thrown out her back and gone hoarse doing acrobatics and singing opera behind me trying to get some smiles! But it worked --- this is just one of many great smiley faces!

Katie and Tyler, you need to have a dozen more kids - you make beautiful, blue-eyed gorgeous children!

No pressure, though!!!!


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