A Beautiful Korean Tradition {Chicagoland photographer}

If you've hung around this blog for long, you know that I love other cultures and languages and so appreciate diversity. 

And I love me a colourful table of candy, too.

When I got the call to schedule a photo shoot for a Korean Dohljabi I was so tickled. Not only the opportunity to event photograph, but an opportunity to learn about a Korean tradition. 

This photo explains what a Doljabi is ...

Later on in the party, Everett was set down on a special mat and he crawled toward one of these objects ...
Do you wonder which one he chose? Read on my friend, read on.

I met Everett this fall for an extended family photo shoot. Hello gorgeous family + puppy.

He loves his grandma.

 And here's Everett at his first birthday party. Just a couple weeks ago.

Aren't birthdays so much fun? 

I love the happiness and laughter. 

Everett's parents are delightful with a capital DELIGHTFUL.

 Little man Everett wasn't quite sure what to make of the flame.

 So here he is, on the mat, crawling towards ....

YEP. He's a little boy.

This photo was actually taken near the very beginning of his party.  

Loving the outfit.

Both sets of grandparents love their first grandchild. That was very apparent.

Love this next shot. 
Love it.

He was warming up making everyone smile and laugh.

Well hello cute boy!

And every great party needs a clown that makes shaped balloon figures and paints things on little faces. Such a great way to entertain a crowd of little ones so the adults could visit.

Three generations. LOVE.

Someone's sleepy...

I love this photo. Something special about a hug around the neck from a little wee one.

Going ...
Going ...

Gone ...

Happy first birthday sweet Everett. 

May your life bring you and your family much joy in the coming years!


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