12 Years Ago Today...

12 years ago today {March 25th}, I walked down the aisle and said, "I do" to my Jack man. We were pronounced husband and wife that sunny mid-afternoon March day.

This afternoon, at almost the same time of day, 12 years later, I walked into the emergency room and asked to see my husband who had arrived just a few minutes prior.

I had two kids in tow. And the portable DVD player with a large selection of movies, because we all know that the ER isn't necessarily the quickest place on earth. {I have to say I must do pretty well in emergency situations to be able to focus enough to remember that 2 kids + 1 lengthy hospital visit - entertainment = disaster waiting to happen.}

Long story short, Jack laid out {ultimate frisbee term for jumped mid-air, stretched very far out, reached way out for the disc and landed on hard earth.} My first question to him: "Did you catch the disc?" His answer: "Yep!" I knew at that moment that my Jack man hadn't suffered a head injury in the fall - he was thinking clearly and able to recall the injury. He did, however, separate his shoulder, complete with couple of torn ligaments. Not sure but surgery might be required.

While on the way to Evanston Hospital I texted Jack and said, "SAY EIGHT. SAY EIGHT." {Which, could they be a little more creative in their hospital name? I mean, come on marketing department. Step it up a bit. }

Oh, and if you don't know what "SAY EIGHT" means, you need to immediately suspend reading my blog and go to this you tube video and watch it. {You'll thank me later.} And maybe be prepared to pee your pants in laughter. Brian Regan is, how shall we say it, really funny.

Anyway, come to find out, Jack, when checking himself into the ER had asked the registration gal if she had heard of Brian Regan and his ER bit. She said no. He gasped and sent her immediately to You Tube.

We chuckled at the fact that in the midst of this little crisis in our lives, we both, unbeknownst to the other, were quoting Brian Regan lines. {That comes as no surprise to the Parks, Sorensens and Hallers, because they would also be doing the same in said situation.}

I rounded the corner looking for "Bed 2" and Jack was walking down the hall going to get x-rays on his shoulder. He just sort of grinned and said, from a distance, "Happy Anniversary, hunny!!"

You know, it's funny what this thing called L-O-V-E will do to a person. We didn't wake up on our 12th year anniversary expecting to spend part of it in the hospital, and yet, when Jack called and said, "Can you meet me at the hospital?" there was no other place on earth I wanted to be. 

When you love somebody, deep down, "in sickness and in health" it really is a beautiful thing. And you sit there in the ER and "wish upon a star" {another Regan line} that you could take their injury away and somewhere way deep down, you wish the injury had happened to you instead, because you really hate to see the other person suffer.

Now if that isn't crazy talk, I don't know what is.

But it's true.

I do love that man. 

More than he could possibly imagine.

Happy 12th Anniversary Babe.

I'll be happy to get up in the middle of the night tonight to get you some more pain meds.

How's that for romantic?

12 years later ....

"In sickness and in health."

{With kids in tow.}


Grayson said…
what an anniversary to remember!! luv u all tons!!!

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