Where Does It All Come From?

It's as if, in the middle of the night, the plastic junk in the kids' rooms multiplies. I mean, truly, they end up with more gidgets and gadgets than I can possibly imagine. Does this happen in your home?

Anyway, Jack took the kids out sledding Saturday so it was the perfect time to purge, purge, purge. If you promise to keep a secret I'll let you know that in Jackson's room alone I threw out TWO GARBAGE BAGS FULL OF CRAP. Not little Target-sized bags. BIG TRASH BAGS. There were stuffed animals and old games that were missing parts and puzzles that were from when he was two. And plastic upon plastic knicky-knack.

And I changed his sheets and I swept the floor and I organized and it felt SO good.

Here's the before on Jackson's room:

And here's the after {and honestly, I'd throw out 90% of what is left but I think he'd notice so I refrained, as tough as it was!}:

And next up, Maddie's room. When she's in school next week. Because we all know that you can't have a good purge-fest if the chillin' are around.

Note: I tackled Maddie's room Tuesday. Hers took over 2 hours. That.MUCH.junk. And again, I would throw 90% of what is left away ... but, I didn't.

Here's the before:

Blurry closet shot.

Here's the two garbage bags of trash (from Maddie's room alone. YIKES.}So if you're good at math, that's FOUR GARBAGE BAGS OF CRAP FROM THE KIDS' ROOMS.  
I might need to do this more often.

And here's the after:

Seriously, folks, what has gotten into me?


Kacie said…
I'm afraid I may be destined for the same thing, because every time we hit a holiday or celebration, Isaac is dying to buy Judah little gadgetty toys. If it were up to me we'd never buy him any because I KNOW he'll end up with them anyways and they multiply and are rarely played with for very long.

Oh well! If ISAAC plays with them, I suppose it's worth it? ;)

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