Random Indonesia Pics

*all pictures taken from 1996-1999. Sadly, a lot of the negatives were damaged in the heat so the quality stinks but still thrilled to have these photos.

So for whatever reason, I've been wanting to dig out old Irian Jaya, Indonesia {now called Papua, Indonesia} photos. Just ran upstairs and grabbed my discs and here we are ...

Love the beauty there:

Well hi little man. Aren't you a cutie:

Notice the man, far right back of photo. Love.

My dear friends Heidi and Tori. Oh the memories we made.Remind me to tell you the one of me driving Heidi on a little scooter and driving right through the gate to her parents' house and almost hitting the cement wall. And then there's the night that Tori and I ran for our lives, with knives and pots in hand, to try to help rescue a lady that was being attacked in the little apartment beside ours. Oh boy. That's a good story, too.

My brother, Lenny, came and spent a semester with me and I love that he got to experience my life overseas. Love that.

JD after a long, long, muddy hike!

Such beautiful children:

Waiting to head out to Tanah Merah Inside Beach:

Favorite sign, EVER. Lenny took this in Mulia, at the hospital:

Long live Jonny:

I love everything about this shot, especially the random chicken on the fence:


Heading out for an early morning deep sea fishing trip. Loved seeing the dolphins jumping alongside our boat. Sadly, I didn't catch any on film. Rats.

Dana, you look hilarious and what is John holding?

See those mountains behind us? Ya, we hiked those over 2 days. Hardest physical thing I have ever in my life done. Including walking across a little rickety bridge with raging rapids underneath us. Thought.I.would.DIE.

So here's the bridge. I remember it as much scarier. But trust me, it was terrifying. {At least for me.}

One of my favorites that I took while in Indonesia:

And one from New Zealand. That country rocks, too.

Thanks for amusing me with letting me post just a few fun photos. I think I'll do this more often.


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