Menu Planning {Week 2}

Because it has been a frigid Chicago January day, I thought I'd escape back to Becca's San Diego wedding weekend this past June. What fun it has been to relive that delightful Irian reunion. As an aside, I could live in San Diego. It was beautiful! {I promise to do a nice long post with lots of fun San Diego weekend pictures soon.}

When you get bored, let me know and I'll stop sharing my menu planning, but until then, I thought, "Ahhh, why not? Maybe it'll inspire someone."

So this week, it seems that I over-achieved once again. Not sure why, how, or when this run of energy will plummet {and no doubt it will!} but I menu planned on Sunday afternoon, grocery shopped Sunday evening, and Monday morning, I crock potted.

San Diego had amazing flowers. 
Stunning colors.
Beautiful textures.  

Monday - Beef Stroganoff {from the compilation of crock pot recipes I gathered on Facebook. Let me know if you need me to email you a copy - would be happy to share the FABULOUS recipes}

Tuesday - Shepherd's Pie {doubled the recipe and froze extra to pull out some day down the road, when I don't have my act together. And why is it called Shepherd's Pie? Curious.}

Wednesday - Do Over Night {leftovers from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday}

Thursday - ordering Mediterranean food from Hiyam {win-win - I don't have to cook and she earns some money for bills}

Friday - Taco Soup {new crock pot recipe to try}

Saturday - homemade pizzas {Oh yes I did. That is OVER-ACHIEVING at its best, because did you know that frozen pizzas are super cheap and would have been so much easier? But we're goin' for healthy this year, folks. I'll give it one try.}

Sunday - oh I forget but it's something good. I just know it. And it's another crock recipe so that it will be ready for us when we get home from church.  

I absolutely loved this flower in all its tissue-paper-like beauty.
And oh how I wish I was, right this minute, following the signs to Becca's vintage wedding reception.

Stay tuned for more San Diego goodness in the coming days. Becca, you were stunning!


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