It Tasted Like Bread

So I'm not going to lie. I might be an idiot. However, with good friends, I can navigate just about anything and I'm relieved Alice intervened on facebook today.

I was so very tickled with myself that I had, indeed, not only purchased yeast, but effectively made her 5-minute bread recipe so I posted on facebook that the dough was in the fridge 'rising.' Within a minute or two, Alice posted that if I had the dough "rising" in the fridge I needed to remove it immediately and let it 'rise' on the counter. Whew. Crisis averted.

And then came the moment later in the day when I had to take the big batch of dough, that had safely risen on the counter thanks to Alice, and make it into an individual loaf on its own special wooden cutting board that I dug out of the recesses of my cupboard. 

I'll admit that I had a panic attack right there in my kitchen. I mean, I dug in and it was just one big sticky mess of goo. More clung to my hands than I could possibly imagine, and there was just no way on earth that I could tuck and roll that tiny ball of goodness and make it into a pretty little loaf.

Alice came to the rescue again, this time via email, and assured me that it would be fine and to just do the best I could and it would all work itself out in the oven. And she was right.

And so, without further adieu, here are some terribly lit, poorly taken pictures of my very tasty bread.
This next one especially looks like a farm animal.
And this next one shows a rather large dip, more like a ski-slope in Colorado, than an artisan loaf of bread.

I can't say my rosemary and olive oil bread "looked all pretty like" as it really did look more like a dead chicken on the side of a mountain, but it was extremely yummy and I think I might be onto a new hobby. Because I need another hobby. {*smile*}

Bread making 101. 
Now to work on how to make it look all pretty like.


You are so funny. Good work!!
Ha! I've struggled with dough myself, and invited culinarily gifted friends over for dinner one night with the expressed, selfish interest in having them teach me how they make the perfect pizza dough. I learned that the water temp has to be perfect to activate the yeast, and you (knead)need a LOT of flour to keep it from sticking to your hands! Thanks for sharing, Alysa!

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