I {dot dot dot}

So as I was walking on the treader a week or so ago, I thought I might just do a random post starting each sentence with "I ..." and then I'd say something. Not sure why.

I ... would like to be eating an M &M blizzard right this very minute.

I ... rather think we have some fun stories, that Jack man and me.

{As I was saying ...}

I ... enjoy watching Biggest Loser. Probably my favorite show and the only one I watch regularly. {We're very into The Waltons on dvd so if we watch tv at night, we usually pop in one of those episodes.}

I ... find that when others are eating really yummy food that I'd like to be eating, if I can at least drink a Diet Coke, then I'm able to say no to the food. {It helps me cope.}

I ... like to work out on the eliptical stair stepper - my favorite machine to work out on. And yours?

I ... dream of a day when all my extra weight is off and I look good in a bathing suit. {Vain, I know.}

I ... strongly dislike that my hair grows so quickly and that the grey is right up front. {Irritating.}

I ...wonder if anyone else out there in America {or Canada or England or Australia} does not have a dish washing machine. I'm actually really okay with the fact that I don't but I can't think of another person I know that doesn't have one. Anyone?

I ... think I'm a bit looney. When I burp and I'm alone, I still say, out loud, "Excuse me." TO no-one in particular. {Weird.}

I ... am lovin' this organizing idea {See here.}

I ... celebrated my 30th birthday in Tokyo AND Hawaii. I love the International Date Line.

I ... often wish I had about 3 more hours in each day. Then I would maybe, just maybe, be caught up.

I ... could SQUEEZE her little chubs all day long. I can't believe Sweet Sweets is 9 now.

I ... big-time heart flowers. Most all of them.

I ... have been fired before. Twice. No way you say. Yes way I say. There's a good blog post idea. Curious?

I ... ran two 5k's. Ran being the key word in that sentence. And really never ever got to where I enjoyed running.

I ... usually have several books on the go at the same time. Thanks to my dad for that.

I ... love this picture of my mom and Grandma Gregory.

I ... have to write everything down or I don't remember.

I ... laugh at the same things that my brother laughs at. And I like that.

I ... refuse to pick up dog poop. That's disgusting, people.

I ... try hard to apologize when I mess up.

I ... LOVE our church. LOVE IT.

I ... enjoy public speaking. I think that puts me in the minority.

I ... really don't like debating or arguing. In fact, hate would be the term I would use.

I ... fear snakes and while I don't like spiders, I can at least deal with them. Snakes, nope.

I ... think my grandma was pretty cool. I really wish she could have met my children.

I ... prefer baking to cooking. And I prefer eating out to all of the above.

I ... rock the crock. As in crock pot. I'm 4 weeks of menu planning in a row thanks to the crocker.

I ... was recently asked what was the most courageous thing I've ever done. And I have a cool story to tell about that. Now to remember to tell it. Someone remind me?

I ... seriously have AMAZING friends. I love my friends.

I ... doubt anyone but my mother could pull off this hat. Amazing.

I ... say "Excuse me" if I burp {or toot} when I am alone. Out loud. To no one but myself. Therapy?

I ... really love random things about people. I'd love to see your list of I {dot, dot, dot...}

The end.


Martha said…
You are not alone--we don't have a dishwasher either. We took it out when we remodeled our kitchen last year and wanted more cabinet space! And we don't miss it at all.

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