From Vision to Fruition {An Old Worn Out door/window/frame}

So I found an old cabinet door frame {or maybe it was an old window?} two years ago in someone else's trash. {Secret confession: I am ALWAYS on the lookout for furniture type things that people throw away that, in my estimation, have great potential. I live by the motto, "One man's trash, another man's treasure!"}

I just KNEW it could be turned into something wonderful. So I grabbed 4 of them that were together on the curb and crammed them into my trunk and brought them home.

And there they sat, much to Jack's chagrin, for two years. I would get inspired, prep them for painting, get distracted and they would sit for a month, and then they would somehow disappear and end up back under our back porch. It was one of those secret little irritations in our marriage. Shhhhh.

In November I was checking one of the blogs I love to follow (here) and she had this incredible idea for chicken wire and an old frame. She made a 'thankful' board of sorts but I thought, hmmmmmmm, that will go nicely for my vision of an entire wall of colorful photos and white frames.

And so, I merged two 'in-my-mind' projects. I headed to The Home Depot, stumbled upon Jason who led me to the chicken wire department and purchased a $4.00 roll of chicken wire. {Who knew they even sold chicken wire except in farming communities?} And then, here's where I get really proud of myself. I found all the right tools in Jack's tool room, and all by very lonesome, I created this project. And well, I sort of lie, because at an incredibly critical point Jack stepped in and used his precision to pull the whole thing off.

You see, I'm, what shall I say, not so precise. I mean, if I were to do the project, as long as the frames were actually up on the same wall in the same room, I'd consider it a job well done. But, when things need to line up nicely, with correct spacing in-between, then Jack is my go-to-guy. He is SO good at making things look straight and level and perfect. Me, not so much. We're a good team like that. I come up with the work and he does the work. Seems like a win-win to me???


What started as a blank wall in our kitchen is now this:

And I LOVE it. My goal will be to change out the photos from time to time, and also, when a mood strikes, to change out the things hanging from my chicken wire. Perhaps words that we're trying to work on or photos that are inspiring, or meaningful quotes or a thankful wall come next November. The potential is there.

And I have to say, this sort of project is SO perfect for me. Because I can change it up {because I do love me some good change} and yet not have to completely overhaul an entire area ... it's the best of both worlds. 

Consistent change, meet steady white frames.


becko said…
Really cool, Alysa!

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