2012 Off To a Great Start {Chicago family photographer}

This little family is delightful.
I'm telling you, Mom Katie has been SUCH a great client. From a maternity shoot to a newborn session to a Fall Mini Session, she keeps comin' back! And that makes  a photographer feel really great. She has also sent more business my way this past year than any other client. And so, as a "Thank you" to her, this session was on me! Thrilled to give back to such a lovely family.

Little "P" was 6 months old a few weeks ago, so we did a few portraits of him. Talk about a 'chunk-o-love' ... Seriously, you just wanna squeeze his happy little face.

Okay little man, you SLAY me. Seriously, this should be blown up to as big-as-possible. He is SO CUTE!

So here's a little hilarious blooper on MY part. {Something that won't happen again.} I guess we all make professional blunders from time-to-time.

So photo shoots in the winter with little wee ones are a bit tricky in Chicago, so I was on the hunt for a great indoor option with great lighting. And, I found it. I checked it out ahead of time. Seemed great. It was huge with lots of cool colors and textures in the furniture. Great lines. Great potential. Modern but warm. It really was the coolest place.

Ready, set, go.  

So Katie, her mom and the kids met me there. And, we all know how painstaking it is to actually get kids out the door and bundled up in the winter. So there we were, taking our photos, and Mr. Security Guard comes up and asks what we're doing and I tell him and he's like, "Oh, you can't take pictures here. Professional photographers are not allowed."

"What? Seriously?" It truly never even crossed my mind to ask about taking photos in a huge convention center/hotel. {Now that I think about it, it probably should have but I spaced I guess.} I mean, people are always taking photos in that setting, right? I certainly would have thought to ask in other venues, without a doubt. But this setting, was truly just off my radar. It's like saying you can't take pics at Disney World. What?

And so, I apologized profusely, tucked my tail between my legs and we quickly came up with Plan B. Over to their house. A great option, but I was so disappointed to not shoot at the hotel.

Live and learn I suppose. And again, just so grateful that Katie was gracious about my mistake.  So note to self, always, always, always ask if it's okay to take photos. No matter what the venue. Even at Disney World. Just do it.

Lesson learned.

And here's Big Sister Sweet "C" who turned four this January. Perfect. She is a bundle of energy and I know she is destined for great things. She is big on Fancy Nancy and loves her little brother! Oh, and she's beautiful!

Well, HELLO Miss Personality.

And the last few minutes we headed outdoors. Love the bright colors, Katie! Great choice.

Your "C" girl is beautiful!

And Little Man, stop the cuteness!

2012 is off to a perfect start!


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