A Magical Christmas 2011

There is something quite magical about Christmas through the eyes of little ones.

The hopeful looks out the window, wishing upon a star that it would snow on Christmas day.

The incessant questioning, "Is it time to open the presents yet?"

The reading of the Luke 2 Christmas Story by Madison.
{And as a child I hated having to sit through the entire chapter, which seemed like an absolute eternity, with presents waiting to be opened and yet now as an adult, it is my favorite part of the day. Reading the true meaning of Christmas. The real gift. The real reason that we actually celebrate Christmas. That baby Jesus came to give us True Hope and True Peace and True Love and True Joy.}

The mound of gifts that make the kids' eyes wide with anticipation. The sheer delight in a gift so wanted and then revealed as wrapping paper was opened. 
{And this next photo was not staged - she was THAT excited about getting the cowboy boots she had eyed back in October.}

The thank you hugs that followed each and every gift. Unsolicited.
{As a parent I am full aware of my daily mess-ups but I have to say, I have worked very, very hard at grooming appreciative children so it is pure joy and fulfillment when your kids are appreciative all on their own. Unlike Jackson's not-so-stellar performance Christmas Eve night while opening up stockings.}

It's days like today that make the dog days of parenting worth every second. What a magical day it was and it ended on such a sweet note. As I was doing the quiet tucking-into-bed routine our sweet Little Buddy whispered into my ear, with his arms around my neck, "Thanks, mom, for my gifts. I love every one of them."


Grayson said…
so true isnt it?! i was just telling myself to not forget to add these same notes into my blog (when I get around to it!) Between bday and xmas they kept thanking us. Guess I'm not doing it ALL wrong!luv u n ur kiddos!

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