Orange Tigers

Little Buddy and Sweet Sweets are playing soccer this fall.

Little Buddy is extremely unpredictable. Some weeks he gets out and chases the ball.

And then, this last week, we caught him sitting down on the field {numerous times}, just watching the play go by. Not the LEAST.BIT.INTERESTED in that white and black ball whizzing by his head.

And then there's Sweet Sweets. She has torn up the field.

She's hustling. She's in there after the ball. She's makin' us proud. And the athlete buried deep inside me is secretly happy that I'm sitting on the sidelines at my childrens' sporting event, yelling at the refs. I'm KIDDING. I'm not yelling at the refs. I'm not THAT parent.

But here's a little drama for ya. THAT parent was there this past week. And I will say that when the very mean dad a few lawn chairs over was yelling unkind things to his daughter {about her playing abilities}, I did turn and give him a {very} disgusted look and then promptly turned and loudly cheered for his daughter {by name}, telling her she was doing a fantastic job. {I refrained from yelling, "DON'T BELIEVE A WORD YOUR MEAN DAD SAYS. HE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT AND HE'S A JERK!!!" Don't yell mean things to 6 year olds mister or I WILL let you know that I'm not happy about it and I will stand up for your child.}

Mama Bear came out and it wasn't even my child. I'm terrible.
Oh well, I just couldn't help myself.

OH BOY. Maybe we'd best stick to crafty events like the pottery and jewelry making class or I might end up in a fist-fight with the mean dad.

So there you go. The good, t
he bad, the big bad Orange Tigers! Rock 'um, sock 'um, knock 'um dead! GOOOOO TIGERS.


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