November 7th {Our story}

I love November 7th. It's a HUGE, HUGE day in my story. In our story. Jack and me.

November 7th. 1998. I was in Indonesia.
And Jack was in Chicago. {Sorry, no pic of Jack in Chicago}

November 7th, 1999. I was in Michigan. Jack was in Michigan.

I don't have time to tell it today, BUT, it is forthcoming. Because I want it fully documented for Maddie and Jackson.



Grayson said…
i hear wedding bells from years ago!
Clare said…
Seems like yesterday you were single and telling us about your relationship dramaz - packing and moving to Indonesia seemed to glamorous and grown up! So glad it all worked out - I knew it would ;)
I love a good love story!! How cute are those photos of you!

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