A Little Bit Tighter

I wasn't expecting this. I started editing work on this family's photo shoot and pulled this one up and instantly burst into tears. I mean it hit me out of nowhere.

I think it's because little Brooks' story could have ended so much differently.
You see, back in September Brooks stopped breathing at just a couple of months old. {It's so much more complicated then that but I'll just keep it basic for now.} He was rushed to emergency. He coded. {A few times over the course of his hospital stay.} He was at Children's Memorial for 17 days with many complications. It was a frightening time for Kat and Bob. And the rest of us that love that little family.

{Background -- Kat is like a little sister to me. Her family was one of several that took me in as one of theirs when I lived in Indonesia. We have lots and LOTS of stories to tell, but I'll save those for another day. It has been fun to watch her as a teen, and then a college gal, and then she got married to a super great guy and the perfect fit for her, and now as she has two little ones: Silas (almost 2) and Brooks, just four months old}

I remember going to the hospital to stay with him for a couple of hours so that Kat and Bobby could have a little break and I walked in, took one look at Brooks with all the tubes and machines and beeps and had to turn my back to try to control my sobbing. It was a sight I will never forget. Honestly, it was terrifying and I just thought, "No parent should have to see their child like this." I literally felt sick for Kat and Bobby and what they were facing.

Kat tells the story that during their stay in the NICU, they felt that prayers {and their faith} carried them through. Overall they felt a sense of God's peace even amidst this incredible storm. And honestly, from the outside looking in, I saw their peace. It was genuine. It was real. Not that they weren't scared. But there's a verse in the Bible that says that God's peace passes ALL understanding. And they were living that out. God's peace in them. Hard to explain. Beautiful to see.

And Kat shared that now they have this new reality that all that really matters is loving others and sharing about Jesus and how He can change lives. When they were in the hospital they of course were in the same room with other families with very sick little babies and they realized that maybe part of why Brooks was there was so that they could walk with these other families through their struggles.

I know that this Thanksgiving week, as I reflect on 2011 and what I am most thankful for, at the top of my list is the fact that this little miracle guy is here. I do believe with all my heart that God has very big plans for Brooks and I will wait eagerly to see God's fingerprints all over him, as his little life unfolds.

Sometimes you grab up those babes and squeeze just a little bit tighter, not taking one hug for granted.
Thanking God for His loving hands of protection over sweet Brooks' life. And thanking God for Kat and Bobby's incredible example of clinging to Jesus in the midst of a fierce, frightening storm. You both amaze me and I know it is because of what God has done {and is doing } in your lives. To God be all the glory.

Oh, and P.S., Kat you look stunning in these photos. And Bobby, you're lookin' rather dapper, too! Love you both so very much.

And, could your boys BE any cuter? Nope.


Oh wow. Stories like that are so amazing to me especially because he looks so healthy and... normal... now. You would never know looking at him what happened.

On a funny side note though, I think it's hilarious that Kat has red-headed babies. That's something I never saw coming :)

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