DC 1 and 2 ... {As in Diet Coke and Door County 2011}

Okay, if you've been around here for long, you know that DC 1 is Diet Coke from McDonald's. Hands down, the.BEST.ever Diet Coke.

Wanna know my next favorite DC? Door County, Wisconsin. As in Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek, Wisconsin.

Oh how I love me a good DC. 1 AND 2. Maybe next year I shall stage a photo of me with DC 1 and 2 together. That will be lovely.

We just arrived back home last night after another incredible Door County weekend. And this one involved temps in the 70s, a little wee bit of a chill in the evenings to make a campfire necessary. Friends that I love very dearly. Traditions that are 7 years and running. The only missing ingredient you ask? The Hallers. Bops and Mor Mor. They couldn't make it this year but next year they'll be back. We missed them deeply and thought of them the entire weekend long.
We hiked up to Eagle Tower. Stunning view.
The amphitheatre in the woods was visited by our large clan {we had to be pushing 70 people this year. Anyone get a head count?} We hiked to the lighthouse and along the beach. We did night hikes with an ipad that showed us the constellations. And most of us verbalized how we never really can see how the stars actually make up a man on a horse with a bow and arrow in his hand. But we believe the folks of long ago that made them up. And the ipad proved it. So there.

The kids love throwing rocks in the water. Over and over and over again.

Maddie has gained much independence and this weekend she was free to do a lot of roaming. Hence, very few photos of her time in Door County. I suppose next year I shall have to sneak up on her and snap a few when she doesn't know I'm around. She loved walking the dogs that were there. She desperately wants a dog.
Me, not so much.

Jackson, sweet little Jackson, fell on his scooter about three hundred and forty-seven times. And his legs and arms and even his back have proof of it.

Found that out in the shower this morning. No wonder he was crying. Half his body was left on the pavement near our site.

Just a few quick pics from our Columbus Day weekend.

Group breakfast with about 37 pounds of bacon. 312 pancakes. 70 people.
{I might be off on my numbers but think big people. Think big.}

This next one may or may not be my husband hitching a ride on the back of a mini-van.

I love flowers. I mean, I really love flowers. Especially in the gorgeous late afternoon sun.

The lady on the left is a little bit crazy and a whole lot of fun.

If you promise to keep a secret I'll let you in on one. We might have lost hedgie {see below} at DC. And Jackson doesn't know yet. Oh boy.

This little guy kept peeking his head out and then he'd see my big zoom lens and tuck back inside. I do love wee little chippies.

My friend Julie made these for her campsite. She needs to make some for me for next year. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Blue water. Blue skies. And a white sailboat. Seems perfect to me.

This next photo. Hello perfect little boy. THAT is his natural smile - his eyes are smiling. LOVE this one.

Julie, the banner lady from above, rocked out with the henna. Second year for this tradition.

Chalkboard sign courtesy of crazy lady above. Very fun addition. I wonder what new 'toys' will appear next year?

Here's crafty Julie doing henna.

That's all for now. One of my favorite weekends of every year. I'm already wondering what our 10 year Dour County Anniversary will hold. A girl can dream!


Grayson said…
absolutely beautiful photos. the fun and love is seen in each and every one!
Kristin Sorensen said…
Ahhh...beautiful photos of such a beautiful weekend. You captured it just perfectly. As far as crazy goes...takes one to know one!
Everytime he fell, I wondered why he never cried. His poor body was probably numb after a while. He just got back up and kept going, fell, and kept going, fell and kept going! I love how you described the weather, blue, skies and white sailboat. Lots of rocks being thrown made me nervous but I'm learning to let go a bit too.
Beautiful picture and beautiful memories! Oh and BTW - that was your hubby on the back of the minivan ride back. We were all laughing!
pinsandneedles said…
Great memories Alysa! You captured the essence of a great weekend!

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