School's Off to a Grand Start (2011 First Day School)

The babes are growing up. Maddie started 4th grade Tuesday. She's one number away from being a double-digit in age.

And then there's Little Buddy who started all-day-every-day kindergarten {you can read more about that over here.} and when asked, "Who is starting kindergarten today?" his hand shot super high into the sky! 

There was great excitement the first morn. I got my act together and made pancakes and bacon {pathetic, but that really is a BIG deal over here because we're a 'fend for yourself cereal kind of family' during the week, and I'm so okay with that.}

As is typical, we do the pictures outside, and I was running late so I had no time to get creative. So it is what it is.
Aren't they something cute?

And Jackson must be a photographer's son because at one point he says, "Okay Mom, get a picture of this." And he strategically placed his lunchbox on the sidewalk, all on its own.
And then there was the need to take his new backpack photo, also strategically placed. All on its own.
And THEN, I could resume taking pictures of my children.

Jack and I had to take two cars to school because we weren't sure how time-consuming the whole dropping Jackson off for kindergarten would be, so Jack took Maddie and I had Jackson. And on the way, Jackson was visibly nervous.
Nervous as a cat near a tub full of water.

And at one point his sweet little voice piped up from the backseat and he whispered,
"Do you think Mrs. Shayne will be mad if I puke?"
Oh no, precious.
And he proceeded with,
"Because I feel like puking right now."

Oh poor little guy. At that point I said a quick prayer and it went something like this ... "Lord, help me to keep it together because I'm THIS close to losin' it and Jackson needs his mama to be strong so that he doesn't lose it."

We rolled up to school, running a wee bit behind schedule so as we zipped into line we were ushered right into school. We stopped to say goodbye to Maddie as she was at a different door into the school and she was chatting up a storm with her little friends from last year.
She was confident in how she looked.
She LOVED her new shoes
{aren't they cute, Alice?} and it felt like we might have turned a corner and it very well might be a grand year.

Jackson held my hand tightly, not wanting to let go.
He was quiet as a mouse.
Shy as a cucumber.
More serious than the conductor at Orchestra Hall.
All words not typically used to describe Little Buddy.

Eventually the parents were lovingly shooed out the door and as I turned back for one last look, his pathetic little sad eyes looked at me, his smile turned downward into a sad face, and he reached up his little hand to his face and motioned the slowest, weakest little bye-bye wave. Um. Break.Mama's.Heart.

I promptly left the classroom and let a few little tears slip out. But my prayer had been answered. Jackson didn't see one of those tears.

I wandered out to the car, opened up the doors and sat inside. And just sat. Feeling a bit lonely. A bit sad for Jackson's nervousness. A bit delighted with the freedom that the next 5 plus hours supplied. And back to a bit sad.

I didn't do anything too terribly exciting; groceries, straightening up the house, dishes, a little bit of Water Street Dream stuff. And the whole time I could hardly wait to go get the kids. What would their day have been like? Would Maddie come out with the "I hate school" schpeel? Would Jackson's nervousness turn into excitement as he told all about his day?

2:45pm rolled around and out came Jackson. First words out of his mouth: "I didn't make any new friends." Complete with little buddy sized scowl on his face. Wow. Didn't expect that one.

And Maddie. WOW. Maddie came out over-the-moon thrilled with her teacher. She just thought he was the.BEST.ever. She could hardly contain her excitement. Well blow my mind with a capital BLOW MY MIND.

Week number two just started so we'll see how this one goes down. I'm hopeful that Maddie's great attitude continues and Jackson's attitude shapes up. {And if you want the truth, the dark, ugly truth. I am LOVING my five plus hours of freedom. Shhhhhhhh. Don't tell the kids.}


amywb said…
They are beautiful kids.
Alysa said…
ah, thanks, Amy. I have to head on over to your blog and catch up on your comings and goings. Hugs.
Kim said…
Maddie looks so grown up and pretty! I'm sure Jackson has made some new buddies by now - so sweet. I have Aidan in full day pre-K 3 days a week - it's so strange having some time to myself while Lucas takes his 3 hour naps - love it! Maybe we should get together for lunch one of these days! We closed on our new house on Friday not too far from you - Foster/Mulligan.
Alysa said…
Kim - fantastic that we'll be neighbors ... and yes, let's do lunch!
Alice said…
I noticed the shoes and loved them even before I saw the shout-out to me! Plus her little blue pedicure. Sweet. She is one cool chick! I'm so glad she is liking 4th grade.
Kacie said…
Um, how did this happen? Maddie looks like a little lady, not a little girl anymore! I love her shoes. Tell her she's stylin.
Alysa said…
Alice and Kacie - love you both and love that you both loved the shoes! 4th grade continues to be fantastic for Maddie Mae.
Rachel SHAH (!) said…
Just wanted to say that I adore Maddie's shoes and she is so stylish and hip and beautiful and she is going to rock 4th grade.

Love Rach

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