On Nurses.

I've been very fortunate through the years. My only hospital stays involved birthing kid one and kid two and I was actually blown away then by the amazing nurses I had. I think in my heart of hearts I would love to be a nurse just from the 'helping' people aspect of it, but the reality is, I really can't do bodily fluids. Of any type. I just can't. I even struggled at times with my own kids' fluids. I remember the time that Jackson had THE blow out of ALL blow outs. I happened to be with my dear friend Cleary, and as I began the process of cleaning things up, all the while dry-heaving and gagging, she volunteered to take him and deal with the mess. Is that a great friend or what?

Anyway, you get the picture. Nurses have a dear spot in my heart and I have the HIGHEST regard for them. Every one of them. I've had them as clients over at Water Street Dreams. I have dear friends as nurses, {all over the globe} and one of those dear friends was working today and came up to check on us, simply because she cares so deeply about others. I looked at her and said, "I really don't know how you do it?" And I really don't, especially at a Children's Hospital. Whew. Make me sob.

I have dear friends who have reaped the benefits of amazing nurses caring for their children. Nurse Jenny comes to mind as I think about one of Grayson's favorite nurses and how highly Sara thinks of her {and all of the nurses they've had!}

As I type, I'm sitting in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. I took one look at the baby I was visiting and had to turn my head and cry.He's so little. The tubes. The machines. The blinking lights. The flashing numbers. The beeps. The zig-zagged lines across countless screens. The I.V. bags. The thermometers and gloves and washing stations.

And then I watched the three nurses surrounding the babe. Lovingly doing their jobs. Carefully. Gently. Seriously. Nurse "M" was amazing. She loved on the little fella, changing his diaper, tucking in the tubes so he didn't pull them out. Being around her for less than 5 minutes I was able to tell that she has such a huge, compassionate heart. At one point, it seemed like the little baby was struggling a bit so with tears in my eyes I walked over to Nurse "M"'s station and said, "Can you just come check on him to make sure he's okay?" And without skipping a beat she said she would and came right over and helped the baby settle down. She loves her job. I just know it. She was so thoughtful in engaging me in conversation, realizing that I was having a hard time seeing the little one I was there to visit.

I'm not sure why I share all this other than to just say I have the greatest respect for nurses and I've just added Nurse "M" to the list. I think they have an incredibly difficult job. I'm grateful that my friends are in good care with the nurses at their hospital.

I sometimes wonder if my Maddie might end up being a nurse one day. And if she doesn't, I'll be so fine with that and I would never pressure her to do so, but just knowing her little personality makes me wonder if some day,
she might be Nurse "M" to a family in need.


Irja MK said…
awww! I love nurses too! Especially nurse 'R' :D
We've always had great nurses as well. When I was 7 and in the hospital for a month I still remember some of the great nurses I had. Ones who came in to entertain and look after me. and of course in Indo and friends being nurses. Great career!
Mrs. Atanus said…
Our Bekah loves everything about nursing school(even the not-so-nice jobs they must do). She has such a compassionate heart for the hurting people and also their families-she will be a great nurse. And I know Maddie would be too!

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