Cindy and My No Name Friend...

So friend in the middle of the picture above made me swear on the Holy Bible that I would not put her name attached to her picture on my facebook, on my blog, on the internet ... nowhere. She's a little bit psychotic that way. She said I could put her picture but no identification allowed. So being the good friend that I am, here she is, with no name and for the remainder off this post I shall call her "no name friend." So there.

Now mind you this friend still has a party line for a phone and lives out in the middle of nowhere, and has very slow dial up internet connection, so I'm not sure how she would ever even KNOW if I included her name on the internet. But nevertheless, you shall remain nameless dear no name friend. Now my other dear friend, on the right of the picture above is Cindy and she's not afraid of the world.wide.web. Not one little bit. And isn't she adorable, too!

I love these gals and this picture just makes me smile.

As do the pictures below. Cindy had asked that I do a photo shoot with her kids when I was up in Canada in August, back at her camp {translation - incredible cabin that her husband Tiny is making himself, from scratch!, in the middle of amazing Canadian beauty, in the middle of nowhere - that photo shoot will be blogged shortly}.

So Jack, Cindy, her hubby Tiny, and my friend with no name and her hubby with no name, were sitting around while I was chasing Gracie and Johnny all over their property and the three of them were lovingly calling me the "child whisperer" because apparently I was getting Gracie Mae to warm up in front of the camera like they had never seen.

At one point I had Gracie Mae on this rowboat saying things like, "Simon Says put your hand behind your head, Gracie!" And she would, the cooperate sweet girl that she was! 

So friend with no name was making fun of me {as we have made fun of each other for decades so she's allowed} so I insisted that she get up off her chair and come over and work her magic with the rowboat!

And voila, these were what transpired from her mini-on-the-spot photo shoot, which is what she gets for makin' fun of the photographer.

And guess what - she's gonna be a grandma soon. Is she one hot tamale or what? If she'd only join the 21st century and get on facebook I do believe any of these would do for her profile picture.

Friend with no name and my dear friend Cindy are so loved and so special to me. I think I had been out of the car maybe 1.2 seconds and we were instantly laughing. About who knows what.

But laughter absolutely characterizes our friendship.

I love that these girls know me from when I was little.
We have that thirty-five year history together.
Thirty-five years together.
And friend with no name is gonna be a GRANDMA. Get OUT of here....

Love you both.


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