Walk of Colour.

Today was a really great day.
A day right from God's hand.

{I love that Mr. Bumblebee flew into my frame and I was able to catch him on film.}

I was able to do a newborn photo shoot this morning and when I first arrived, Katie, the sweet mom, handed me little Amelia and I melted. And I said to Katie, "I just can't believe I get paid to do this."

Yesterday was a particularly rough day and so to start today with holding one of God's very own miracles, the miracle of life, I just felt alive. And blessed.

And afterwards I couldn't get home to my own kids quickly enough. We grabbed PB&J and jumped in the car and headed out to the Arboretum. More for me than for them. {But they come alive there, too!}

And so, as the minutes fell into quarter hours, that fell into hours, I slowly felt yesterday's stresses and disappointments fall away. God is good like that. He knows what I need. He knew I needed for Him to show off His amazingness. That sort of has a way of putting everything into perspective. What's a rough day every now and again, eh?

And so I felt God's peace sweep over me. When I stepped out of the car and into the forest.

It all just felt better.

So I'll leave you with just a glimpse of our afternoon at the Arboretum. Our accidental colour walk that wasn't so accidental. And if you haven't purchased your yearly pass for that place, go do it. It is so worth it. {I couldn't take the time to put much order to these... oh well, that's okay, right?}


And so I testify, loudly and on purpose, that today.

He was my encouragement.

He knew what I needed.

And He does it over and over again.





becko said…
Alysa, I miss you (Both at school and in blogland!)! Your photography is really amazing. The bee blew me away. LOVE IT!

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