Over a Month

This lil' lady has been slackin' in the blogging department. {But the beautiful thing is that blogging is not a requirement so it's okay if I slack. I do love it and miss it so I'm gonna do a quick post now and then will aim to get more regular again.}

Life has been a whirlwind since June 16th, which was the last day of school for the kids.

THIS is what I've felt like;
just tryin' to work my way out of the deep dark lage yellow bucket called my "to do" list.

Feeling oh.SO.close

And then, WHOOPS...back into the bucket I go, head barely visible...

So let me catch you up in soundbites.

From June 16th through today, July 13th, I've....

... been gone 4 out of the last 4 weekends.

... been home only 11 days and nights(out of 27 days {translation: gone 17 days)

...spent a big chunk of 4 of those 11 days at home helping a friend pack up her stuff to move to Indiana. For all she has done for everyone else, this is the least I could do. I wish I could have done more, like find her a job so she didn't have to move. The whole situation makes me terribly sad.

...been to San Diego for the first time ever, for Becca's wedding and an Irian Jaya, Indonesia reunion of sorts. {Translation: Lots of laughter and NO sleep. More on this weekend later. Many stories and photos to share.}

And little side-note on this photo below - isn't Becca one hot tamale! So stunning. She's workin' it.

...had my first wedding photo shoot ever
{and LOVED it - more on that in the coming weeks}

...started a Bible study called "Brave" by Angela Thomas and am really enjoying it.
I need it. God is my 'enough' ... my El Shaddai ... my all-sufficiency.

...I'm sticking to my summer goal of not working on the computer during the day while the kids are home. {Except for while I quickly do this post because Jackson is cooperting so nicely and Maddie is at a friend's home for the afternoon.} From everyone I talk to with older kids, they say the kids are only young once so soak it up, make them a priority. So I'm trying. {And this is a tad bit tricky for the "to do list" queen. I love that feeling of slashing through my list and at the end of the evening feeling like much was accomplished. I'm learning contentment in leaving my list undone. It CAN wait until tomorrow even if I don't FEEL like it can wait until tomorrow.}

Just this past weekend I started to feel like THIS ...
We were home this weekend {first for me since June 10-12th weekend} and Jack took the kids all day Saturday so I had hours in my house, cleaning the attic. Putting away the kids' WINTER clothes, {and spring and probably some from last fall if I'm being completely transparent} separating them into give away and keep. Catching up on laundry. Putting things back in their place after travel left things undone all throughout our home.
And now that I feel somewhat on top of things, I'm going to throw caution to the wind, head up to the lake for a week {tomorrow}, and party like it's 1999 for Maddie's NINTH birthday week tradition. An eleven-year and running tradition where my mom and dad come down from Canada for the week and we play, play, play.

Fun with a capital F.U.N.


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