It's Only Carpet

We got the call last evening from our Chicago neighbor, that our basement had flooded. We were up in Michigan enjoying Maddie's annual birthday week with my mom and dad in from Canada, and Jack's dad and sister.

We were just about to walk out the door to our annual Speedway races when my cell phone rang and it was Lee's voice. I knew THAT wasn't good. He shared how we had been hit by 7 inches of rain in under two hours and most people on our block had flooded, some with feet of rain in their basements. So he went over and checked out our basement and alas, we had a couple of inches of standing water....

When you're 3 hours away, there's not much you can do so we went ahead to the races, had a great time, and decided that Jack and I would get up early in the morning to head back to Chicago. Jack's sister Becky graciously offered to keep the kids at the Lake for the day so that we could clean up the basement kid-free. What a HUGE gift that was.

You know, it was so interesting because throughout the whole day {and even last night}, I really wasn't feeling sorry for us. Yes, it was hard work. Yes, I did have to give up a day with my mom and dad and cut our vacation short. Yes, it was not how I wanted to spend Sunday, before the week starts.

But I honestly kept thinking of the tornadoes that have ripped homes {and families} apart this season. I do think God was sort of tapping me on the shoulder all day, bringing that to mind. I really do. I thought of our friends who have health issues. And our friends' children who have health issues. And I found that all day long, when I thought about others and their situations, it put everything into perspective.

After all, it's just carpet. And God has blessed us with the ability to be able to replace the carpet. Jack and I talked at length about that through the day, and how we really are blessed.

And then, I read this blog post tonight, which put things into total perspective. Times one hundred. Whew. This was one of those bury face in your hands and sob sort of posts, realizing how blessed we really are.

Thank you God for your very tangible reminder that it's only carpet.


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