On Turning 42.

Me at three or thereabouts?

Me at ????

Today was a beautifully simple day. And I actually love beauty and simple in the same sentence. Makes for a PERFECT combination.

 I asked the kids yesterday for two gifts for my birthday.

1. I wanted to sleep in. Until I woke up. Whenever that might be {just not at 6am.}
2. I wanted them to get along with each other. No arguing. No yelling at each other. No fussing. No whining.

And for the most part, they delivered. Jackson wandered up a few times to ask questions in the morning, but the good news is that he quietly left when I would say, "Go find Maddie or Daddy. They can help you." He'd wander back up a bit later and one time, for no other reason than to say, "Happy Birthday Mommy." {I love that boy, even if he wakes me up early.}

I did sleep in until 9 something. I felt like the queen.

And before long the mini-mini was packed and we were driving through McDonald's for my birthday Diet Coke, headed to the Botanic Gardens. Because Jack knows I love that place. {And I love that boy, too.}

In between the Botanic Gardens and early dinner plans, I rode my bike over to a neighboring neighborhood (how's that for redundant) and snaked my way through the 50 plus garage sales. {I love me a good garage sale.}

I arrived home and before long Denise showed up with colorful Gerber daisies, and a flourless chocolate cake and we all piled in the mini-mini once more and headed for downtown Chicago. Back in my single days, I spent almost every birthday downtown, along the waterfront, walking through the city, just soaking in the wonder of Chicago. {I love friends and flowers and cake. And I love Chicago.}

We landed at Lou Malnatti's, my personal favorite deep-dish pizza place in all of Chicago {and Jack's and Kat/Bobby's and Isaac's too, but not his beloved wife Kacie's}. Surrounded by those that I love. Little Jackson right beside me. Maddie beside him. Becky and Denise and Kat/Bobby/Silas and of course, my Jack. {Everyone around that table is family to me. I love family and Lou's.} 

It was a simple pleasure day. No hoopla and that was just what I needed and wanted. I didn't take one picture today {the only reason for that was that it looked like it was going to pour the entire day and I didn't want to worry the whole time about my camera being ruined so it was just best for me to leave it behind, making for a more relaxed birthday girl.} But I won't soon forget my 42nd birthday. {I love birthdays.}

Maddie wrote me a beautiful, touching note that she didn't want me to read out loud at the table but I'll share just one of the significant lines in the note. She said, "I don't know what I would do without you, Mom." {Boy do I love that girl!}

Jack wrote me a beautiful note about our history together and how much he loves me and his notes are always extra significant. Jackson wrote me a little note that said, "Thank you for everything you do for me." Special friends emailed me notes earlier this week. A bunch of people wrote notes on facebook. {I love the written word. It IS my love language.}

And I'll wrap up this birthday post with my take on facebook. Many out there think facebook is silly or a waste or whatever. And that's fine. I, however, happen to love it. A lot of friends wished me birthday greetings from around this big world of ours,beginning last night, because it was my birthday where they were parked. Friends I otherwise wouldn't still be in contact with.I love that - connecting with significant people from my past and people that I am currently doing life with. {I love facebook and Denise thinks I might be addicted to it. She just might be right.}
So there you have it; my 42nd in a nutshell. May all my remaining birthdays be filled with my family, friends and the beauty of the great outdoors, and written notes and, yummy food and flowers!
Fun memory from today: Jackson wanted to sing "the birthday song" at Lou's, so we did - whisper style. It makes me chuckle to think of it, several hours later. Oh how I love my family.

Okay, get this. So we're walking after dinner, down by the Merchandise Mart and the Chicago River, and these people come up, out of nowhere and say, "Here, have some flowers. We have extra." So I excitedly blurt out: "NO WAY - it's my birthday today."



WELL Happy Birthday to ME!

Our home is loaded with yummy smelling flowers, all over the kitchen and dining room.

Delightful ending to a beautifully simple day.


cleary said…
I believe the flowers were your birthday gift from God. He knows how much you love them! Super cool. Love you girl!
Grayson said…
sounds like a truly simple beautiful day for a simply beautiful girl! so happy for you.
Kacie said…
Made me laugh with the Lou's comment. And.... I too love facebook. And I bet the people coming out of Merch. Mart were all from a big catering event that was there. A lot of my catering friends were working it.

AND I'm glad that although Jack boycotts Valentines, he's willing to follow tradition and tell you he loves you on your birthday. ;)

Yay for big birthdays and for quiet ones surrounded by people you love.
cclarebear said…
your birthday sounds lovely - especially sleeping in!!! sounds like you had a fantastic day.

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