Little Buddy Finished Preschool

Parenting, on the flat, pot-holed streets of Chicago, has its ups and downs. This particular day, during the economic crisis our country finds itself in, along with the last day of Jackson's preschool career, finds me with a sad little heart. {In case you didn't catch it, I'm trying to mimic the opening lines of every episode of The Waltons... "In the hills of West Virginia, on Walton Mountain, during the Great Depression, life had its ups and downs. On this particular day ..."}

Today happened to be our last bike ride to school. Ever. {Next year Jackson joins his sister at her school, too far away to ride bikes.}

This next one cracks me up. He said to me, "Okay Mom, I'm going to look off this way and you take the picture but I won't look at the camera." {Well done, little buddy. Well done!}

Along the way we always find flowers to smell. Delicious.

I'm not gonna lie. I was truly saddened to see Jackson walk out of the preschool pod for the last time at 1:45pm. No more Mrs. Cribben, Mrs. Crowe or Mrs. Cacal. {I got the inside scoop tonight from Sara that as they were giving goodbye hugs to all the kids today, she hugged Jackson and whispered in his ear that she would still get to see him and she said he pulled back and his eyes got so big, showing visible relief.} He even mentioned that to me later this afternoon by saying, "I'll never see Mrs. Crowe or Mrs. Cribben again. But I'm going to get to see Mrs. Cacal again, right?" Yes, little buddy. Yes. She's in our life forever, and for that, we are happy.

Jackson {and his sensitive-hearted mother} held it together for a few minutes as the kids were dismissed. Busy snapping photos, giving hugs, arranging summer play dates. And then I caught Mrs. Cribben's eyes and knew it was time to walk over, give that final hug and say that final goodbye. And I started to cry before I even got to her. Jackson leaned into her and gave her a big hug.
And then he wandered over to hug Mrs. Crowe. {I snapped pictures through tears}.
You see, these gals have been in our lives for several years now. First with Maddie, and now Jackson. Mrs. Crowe is retiring. Mrs. Cribben is about the coolest lady around, with what quite possibly, is the biggest, most loving heart of all. So it makes us sad to think they won't be daily in our lives.

As Jackson and I, hand-in-hand, walked away from the red-colored building, with his little chin touching his chest he started to cry. I knelt down and he whispered, "I will miss my school. I don't want this to be the last day. I will miss Mrs. Cribben, Mrs. Crowe and Mrs. Cacal. I don't want to go."

I scooped him up, as any good Mama Bird would do, and let him bury his head in my neck and he just cried and cried. Which made me cry and cry. You know, sometimes as a parent you really can't lessen the pain your child is feeling, you simply apply a snuggle and a quiet "I'm so sorry little buddy" and pray that in time, their little wounded hearts will heal.

Numerous times throughout the rest of the day he would quietly approach me and say, "I'm sad it was my last day of school today, Mommy." Me too, little buddy. Me, too.

Little Buddy has a very sensitive heart. He feels deeply. He's extremely passionate and emotive. You never really have to guess what he's feeling. His emotions are not only all over his sleeves, they're down to the bottom of his socks. I love that about him.

Don't you just want to scoop them up and protect them from all the hurts the world will dish out. From all the bad things that can happen. From all the mean people. From all the difficult goodbyes?

This Mama Bird does.

We won't soon forget our preschool experience because it was superb. Top notch teachers. Top notch school. Top notch memories.

Parenting, on the flat, pot-holed streets of Chicago, has its ups and downs. This particular day, the last day of Jackson's preschool career, found both Jackson and myself feeling a little glum. But we'll be okay and before long, Jackson will start Kindergarten and I'll be crying some more.


Grayson said…
I am sitting in my yard, finishing up a early morning breakfast on the patio, enjoying my family AND crying. U are the wonderful family and the stuff you said about me and Cribben choked me up so much! And now I am jealous I didnt get a pic TOO! What a bittersweet day for your lil buddy! luv u all

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