Julie plus Lauren {Chicagoland engagement photographer, Chicago, IL}

This photo shoot was SUCH a special joy.

Julie, one of my "Indonesian" kids, was in the general vicinity for her sister's wedding {you can check that out here if you missed it. There's no shortage of beauty in that Willms family!} and since she was recently engaged she came on down to Chicago for a visit and a photo shoot.

Her fiance' Lauren was game for anything {which I dig} so we'd jump out of the car, throw on the hazards and race to a spot to click a pic. {Oh, I like the ring of that - click-a-pic - that could be a good name for something. I think I'm officially trade-marking that saying right this minute. It's mine, don't touch. *smile*}

They love to laugh and it was so sweet to watch them laugh together; so in love! It didn't take much prompting at all and I'd catch them kissing or gazing into each others' eyes or generally just all huggy-huggy. Love is a grand thing!

We had a BLAST together. I mean, if we're telling the truth, we might have almost pee'd our pants we were laughing that hard. These next two pictures happen to be some of my faves from the whole shoot, simply because I caught the laughter we had been experiencing the whole time. And if you know Jules at all, you CAN hear her giggle, can't you?

We also had in tow my two kids {don't panic, this doesn't happen on a normal photo shoot, ever, but because it was "Aunt Julie" and we were going for deep dish pizza afterwards, they were along for the ride. Auntie Angela was also there, so she did kid duty while Julie, Lauren and I did our thang.}

At one point, we exited Lake Shore Drive at Fullerton {mind you it was 5pm on a Saturday, jammed with traffic} and we were SO close to the lake and the skyline backdrop that we just had to jump out. And so we did just that. Angela, who was in the back of the mini-mini with Maddie, jumped over rows of seats while Lauren, Julie and I jumped out of the car, in the middle of traffic. Angela, having NO idea where she was {her lastest countries of residency include Australia and Canada} other than the fact that she was in the City of Chicago, took the wheel and as she drove off I yelled, "Meet us back at this corner in 15 minutes. The corner of Fullerton and Lake Shore Drive."

And I turned to Julie and Lauren and said that might have been the stupidest thing I have ever done. There's a good chance I'll never see my offspring again! Turns out she was able to meet us back there, right in the nick of time and we raced across 3 lanes of traffic, took our mini-mini by storm, jumped back in and off we sped. It really was one of those things you kinda had to see and experience. We kept thinking, "What were the people behind the car thinking as we 'car-jacked' the car in front of them and sped onto Lake Shore Drive.

Anyway, here are just a few of my favorites from my time with Julie and Lauren. Julie, I love you so!

And by the end of our shoot, I had plum tuckered them out. I yelled, "That's a wrap!" And their heads both fell to the ground in exhaustion!
Love to you both!


Amy Willms said…
Love the pictures Alysa, and love your description of the photo shoot !!
Mae said…
Great pictures! You captured such great expressions, loved the laughter.

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