Baby Isabella {Chicagoland newborn photographer, Chicago, IL}

This was Isabella in April.

And this was Isabella in May, at 13 days old.


It had been a little while since I had seen a little wee one. As in just a few days old. So when I walked into Isabella's nursery and saw her in that great big crib, I started to cry. The miracle of life is just breath-taking.

{She was NOT too happy about this next shot but I have to say I LOVE it.}

I am always blown away at how God knows these little ones before we ever set eyes on them. God blows my mind.

Deborah and Steve were my first maternity shoot. And their sweet Baby Isabella was my first newborn shoot. AND I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. I mean, I could SERIOUSLY get used to the newborn shoot thing. There's something so emotionally beautiful about watching parents -- especially brand new never done this before parents -- loving on their babes.

And I have to give Deborah a shout-out. She was SO game for trying anything. And by anything, I do mean anything. We put that sweet babester on a pink pedestal cake stand. {Perhaps not one of my better ideas but it was so worth a try}. We put Isabella on this leave-shaped tray and she promptly pee'd all over and we died laughing through the whole thing. Deborah was all about getting the 'shot'!!!!

Isabella is precious.

Thanks for the opportunity to practice on your sweet girl.

I'll never forget my very first newborn shoot!

Why I do believe she's throwin' a gang symbol.
{Did Bob Anderson teach her that?}


Grayson said…
such a beauty!
Cheryl said…
What a beautiful baby! You did a great job photographing her! She was definitely trying to tell you somthing in that last pic. Made me laugh out loud!
Mae said…
Great, great pictures. I loved them!
Cleary said…
I especially love the one of daddy kissing her and she looks like she's smiling - precious, absolutely precious.

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