What You Can Do In 42 Minutes...

I'm not really sure how it happens but an area in my house will be totally fine and organized one day and POOF, it's completely messy the next.

Not sure how that happens. Do you?

Project: Linen Closet {outside our main floor bathroom}

Start Time:

Before shots {Taken in terrible lighting in a hurry. Pretend I'm not a photographer in real life}:

End Time {and I think I was done before this but forgot to snap the picture}:

After shot:

Anyway, it felt so good to clean like a mad woman today. I went through Maddie's room with a garbage can and tossed a LOT of JUNK. Goodness that girl can collect.

And I started on Jackson's room and got a fair bit done but then while I was cleaning Maddie's room he messed his all up again.

Sometimes I think, "Why do I bother? It just gets undone before I even completely finish." THAT.is.irritating.

But in the grand scheme of things, I cleaned the linen closet in 42 minutes, top to bottom, front to back and it feels good to have that little corner of my world in tippy-top shape. And it will stay clean.

At least until tomorrow.


Mae said…
Way to go daughter! keep throwing things out of the kids room and when there is nothing left then they can't mess it up (ha)
Courtney Walsh said…
Gosh, I need to clean every closet in our house...and I will because we're moving! If only I could do it as quickly as you! :)

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.

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