We Snuck Away.

It was last Monday, the weekend had been full of wedding fun, PTO Rummage Sale fun, an engagement photo shoot, deep-dish pizza for out-of-the-country folks who had never experienced Lou's, visiting into the night and all the next day. It was grand.

Some pictures to prove it.

Auntie Angela and Aunt Julie

Auntie Angela bought the kids a treat while I did a photo shoot with Julie and Lauren {pictures on that loveliness to come}. I suppose that's a fudgecicle all over Jackson's face?
Maddie is crazy over all her extra aunties and uncles. As is Jackson. {And of course, I am too!}

Maddie wasn't giving us a good natural smile so Aunt Julie had to resort to tickling.

And Jackson thought it would be funny to smile but refuse to open his eyes. Over and over again.

Until we wore him down and got this next one. Hello adorable. Both of them!

Silly. Both of them.
Uncle Jonny in a series of shots that turns progressively more silly.

And then Monday came and we all know what that means. My Irian kids were all gone. Back to school. Back to routine {which involves cleaning. Yuck.} Back to reality. So when Jackson and I picked up Maddie from school we hopped on I-94 and zipped on up to the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Because I needed a fix. A tulip fix. And a warm-air fix.

This next one cracks me up. So 3rd grade older sister. So preschool younger brother.

This is our favorite roll-down-the-hill, hill. Always manage a few grass stains on this one.

Well hello mister mister. Aren't you bright and cherry.

I do love that place.

Especially in the Spring.


Grayson said…
how lovely of a time!
ju.vanderw said…
LOVE these! I'm so glad you found photography. :)
julie k said…
I love these too!! GREAT perspective on Jackson in the double circles! That's a fun one. I've been meaning to get out there for a little me time!! This is just what I thought it might look like. Nice job!
Kacie said…
Yeah, great pics all around and I do so love those people, but on photography - the one of Ang is a fantastic... umm.. what do you call the softened bulbs of color in the background of the photo? I forget. I keep wanting to say bento, but that's not it. :) In any case, great shot!

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