Uncle Bob Turned 70

I do love my Uncle Bob. When I was in college, he would load up his big van with computer stuff, and come to Chicago to sell computers at a computer show at College of DuPage.

He'd pick me up Sunday morning pagi pagi {very early} and out we'd go. I'd help set up and then pretend I knew about computers and sell with him. Once a month for probably two years. And then, as payment, I'd get to pick our supper restaurant and I'd always go for steak. Because as a poor college student, red meat was rather limited.

To this day he jokes about how I owe him a LOT of steak dinners. He somehow has forgotten that I worked 12 hour days for those dinners. In any event, if he'd come visit me, I'd buy him a steak dinner.

Uncle Bob has never met a stranger and I love that about him. He travels the world, especially to India and the Ukraine, teaching theology in Bible colleges. He's written a novel {not sure if it's published yet.} He loves motorcycles and boats. He lived overseas in Germany for a stint when he was younger.

Most importantly, he loves Jesus and he loves the Bible and his goal in life is to help others know Jesus personally. That's his bottom line and he does it very, very well.

He's one of the most generous people I know. He'll help anybody, anywhere, anytime. Why at his own 70th party, just a couple weeks ago, he left his party to go help a little old lady who somehow managed to get her car stuck up on a curb. He's just that kind of guy. He always has time {and makes time} for others. Always.

Below is a smattering of pictures from the weekend. We ended up making it a family reunion of sorts, where over 40 of us from the immediate families, gathered together.

What a great, meaningful weekend. I couldn't help but think about my Grandma Gregory off and on all weekend. She loved to laugh. She loved her family. She would have loved to have been there to see her babies all grown up. All slowly turning 70.

Grandma was a hard-worker who had a hard life, but somehow she always managed to laugh. She's passed that ability to laugh at just about anything on to her kids and grand kids.

Love you Uncle Bob. Thanks for being a faithful example of loving Jesus and loving other people. Putting others' needs before your own. Always.

You are special and you are loved.

Happiest of birthdays to you.

Uncle Bob with his sisters: Aunt Peg, Mom, Uncle Bob, Aunt Pat, Aunt Shirley
Mom and her favorite brother.
Hello scrumptious little Sammy {my brother's youngest who turns 2 this month}
Maddie was the official dog walker and care taker this weekend. There were three at the party and I don't remember which one this was but she would, because she loved them all.
Lenny's sweet Matthew.
Makena and Jackson became fast friends, spending every waking minute together the entire weekend. So cute. They've already each sent a letter back and forth. Makena lives in California and is, I guess, a cousin of sorts. {My Aunt Gail's sister's grand-daughter.}
Uncle Bob, Lenny, and my cousin Alan.
Mischievous Uncle Bob.

I do love my brother...
This next one is such a typical look for my Uncle. He's just about to tell you some piece of information that you can't live without!
Aunt Gail looked beautiful in her Indian attire.
Can't you hear the laughter in this next one?

Cousin Elizabeth, my Aunt Patsy's daughter.
Okay, this next one I love. This little sweet lady crochets baby blankets. All the time. And Jackson's little blue blanket that he can't live without. She made it. So we finally got to meet Merle, the Blanket Making Lady. Isn't she precious?
Cousin Laura and my mom looking at Laura's wedding album. Laura is my Aunt Peg's daughter.
I think there were upwards of 150 people that came to the party to honor Uncle Bob.
Little buddy...
And Duke, Makena's younger brother. Isn't that just the BEST name?
Ahhh, this is one of my faves, too. Jackson hanging on every one of Makena's words.

Through the years I've heard the names of so many of Uncle Bob and Aunt Gail's friends, so it was wonderful to finally be able to put faces to those names and stories!
Aunt Peg, Aunt Pat and my mom.

Now come visit me, Uncle Bob, so I can buy you a steak. Happy 70th to you.


Grayson said…
luv the ones of jackson n makena (love that name, too). that one of uncle bob n the bit of info u dont want to miss...priceless!and that one of u n lenny is a great one. ur brother has looked perfect in any pic you have posted since ive known u! hes just one of those photogenic types huh?
Alysa said…
I know, Makena is such a cute name, eh? and ya, lenny is quite photogenic and a cutie to boot. =) and Uncle Bob. hugs to you.
Alice said…
OK, I don't even know Uncle Bob and I like him. Great pictures--especially that one where you can see he's got a good word on him he needs to share. ;-)
Cleary said…
I love, love, love the "angled" pic of jackson by himself!! That may be one of the my fav pics by you ever!

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