*I have no idea why the pictures aren't big on this post - bizarre because I'm doing the exact same thing as I always do. I've fiddled and fiddled and can't get them bigger. Rats.

Suzann is a fun-lovin' gal from church who approached me last year to have some shots done for her business. She's on the coolest ride of her life, developing her beads business {you can check out her website here} and it has been so fun to watch from afar.

She's in the process of writing a book {it's probably done by now, now that I think about it}, she had a speaking gig in California which was a and she's generally just a whirling dervish in the crafting, entrepreneurial world.

She's inspiring, for sure! I really do love an entrepreneur, especially in women. I just love when someone has a dream and goes for it and makes it happen. She's a hard worker, a go-getter and a talented artist.

I just realized this past week that I didn't ever do a post about her photo shoot. So without further adieu, here's Suzann.

Isn't she cute?


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