The Sixty-Eight Rooms

Thanks to Alice and her post here, Maddie and I read The Sixty-Eight Rooms, by Marianne Malone, together and we absolutely LOVED it.
Here's the summary that Alice wrote and since I'm big on not re-inventing the wheel I just cut and pasted: "The Sixty-Eight Rooms is about two sixth-graders named Jack and Ruthie who discover a magic key that allows them to shrink down to five inches so they can get in the Rooms and investigate. Not only can they check out the contents, when they are in a room they are actually transported back to that time in history as well. In the book, they travel to the 1500s, the time of Christina of Denmark; the 1600s in Massachusetts during the Salem Witch Trials; and the 1700s in Paris, right before the French Revolution."

The story is set in The Thorne Rooms {from the Art Institute of Chicago}, so as a special Mommy-Daughter date, I promised Maddie that when we finished reading the book, we would go see the rooms. Her first time seeing them!
Awhile back, Maddie expressed that she really doesn't get any alone time with me. That Jackson gets alone time with me because she's in school and he's not, but that he is always around when she and I are together. And you know what, she was basically right in making that statement. So, I am determined to give her some alone time, so this was our first big date since that conversation.

We took the train downtown. We ate at Subway. We walked around and smelled yummy flowers.
We just enjoyed being together and it was absolutely delightful. No competition with younger brother. Just Mom and Maddie. It was a beautiful, enjoyable evening. My daughter is sweet and funny and enjoys learning and is creative and has a wonderful imagination. I sure do love her!

Okay, back to the book and The Thorne Rooms. Three words. READ AND GO. Read this book with your kids, no matter what age, no matter which gender. And then take them there. Free nights are Thursdays at the Art Institute. This link gives you a glimpse into what the Thorne Rooms are, but you MUST go see them in person. They are magical.

These pictures are horrific, and I cringe even putting them on here, however, I didn't want to take my good camera in the pouring rain, and I didn't want to lug it around for hours, so I opted for the point-and-shoot, in a museum, with terrible lighting and a broken shutter issue. But it's proof we were there.

And, with a suggestion from Aunt Alice, Maddie wrote the author, Ms. Marianne Malone a sweet letter and she wrote Maddie back. How cool is THAT? That made an impact on Maddie. "Mom, she's a real author and she wrote me a note! I didn't think she would do that."
Enjoy the book. Write the author. Go to the Art Institute.
{And as a sweet little aside, my very first time going to the Art Institute, back in the late 80s/early 90s, was with none other than Alice. My cultured friend whom I adore. And that first visit there, guess where she took me? To The Thorne Rooms. They were magical then, and they still are today.}


Alice said…
That's so fantastic! Maddie looks so grown up, I can't believe it. I'm glad another generation is falling under the magic of the Thorne Rooms. We're still coordinating our visit there with our friends who co-read the book. And that's so cool that Maddie wrote Marianne Malone--isn't she nice? We can't wait for the next installment!

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