Rachel and Randy {Williams Bay, Wisconsin Wedding}

Beautiful, right? I've seen a lot of brides in my day but honestly, she was 'take-your-breath-away' jaw-dropping beautiful.

As a photographer, you always have a first of everything. Your first photo shoot ever. Your first family shoot. Your first engagement shoot. Maternity. Baby. You get the picture. {hee hee. Picture. Get it?} I'm usually not that witty.

Well, I had the opportunity to shoot my first wedding. The easy way. As a 'second' {that's what the industry calls it.} It's the perfect way to do your first wedding because the responsibility factor is limited and it's a huge, HUGE learning experience. Brooke was the photographer for the day {and when she gets her website up and going I'll link to it here} and she was AMAZING.

I say that for many reasons. First of all, she's very talented and I can't wait to see her shots from the wedding because it was fun to watch her do her thing so I'm just curious to see her final product. She was fun and groovy and just a blast to work with. I would, in a heartbeat, do other weddings with her because she's that groovy!

Second, she was SO generous with her time that day. I was able to watch her work, but when there were pockets of down time, even if for a minute or two, she was very willing to answer my questions, give advice, or just talk through why she did something a certain way. I really, really value that on-the-shoot guidance. She also allowed me to use some of her equipment which was SO helpful. Things I've only read about I was able to practice with. Again, such a learning experience for me.

I think Randy was fixing her lipstick on this next one. Well done, Randy. Keep up the good work.

I just feel like I learned a HUGE amount so thank you to Rachel/Randy for letting me be so bold as to ask if I could be a second photographer for their day, for practice for my upcoming, first official July wedding. And then, a thank-you to Brooke for letting me tag along, help, and shoot together.

Russ and Rick {Dads of the groom and bride}
And mothers of the bride and groom. So beautiful. {Carol and Amy}

This wedding held extra-special significance for me. I taught both Rachel and Randy's older siblings in Indonesia. I didn't ever get to teach Rachel and Randy because they were too little at the time, but if you love one member of the family, you love them all. At least that's how I operate! {And I'm excited that they're in the area because I really would love to get to know them better.}

I've been very close to Rachel's older sister, Julie, for years  and years. She is precious to me, so to get to spend any time with Julie is always a delight. After the wedding Julie and her fiance' {Lauren} came down to Chicago and we did an engagement shoot for them downtown Chicago. {Pictures soon and some hi-larious stories to tell.}

There are some families that you are around where you just KNOW the parents did a phenomenal job raising their children. They were fair and firm and gentle and consistent and loving. That would be both the Willms and the Wardle families. I'm almost crying as I write this because really, as a parent, when you see others that went before you that did it so well you just want to say, "How did you do it? Will you take mine and raise mine so I don't mess them all up? Give me any possible tip you could that would help mine grow up to love Jesus and love others."

So I will never forget my first wedding shoot, as a second. Enjoy a small peek into their day.
Brothers ... Dean and Randy

Well hello grandma. You're SO beautiful.
Love this one of Rachel and her mother.

Fun reception idea. In order to get the bride and groom to kiss, a couple had to come up and demonstrate a kiss and then the bride and groom would duplicate it.

Here they are imitating Randy's dad and mom.

Can't remember who they were duplicating on this next one. Kinda crazy!

Rachel and Randy, what a joy it was to be a small part in your BIG day. May you feel God's blessings rain down on you {as often and as loudly as a good Irian rain storm} as you start your life together.


Julie K. said…
Ohhhh pretty pretty pretty!
What a beautiful day you guys had - and gorgeous location! How fun and great shots! You do a great job of getting many different perspectives - I forget to do that sometimes. :) Beautiful!
becko said…
These are wonderful, Alysa! What a cute couple. You captured so many great shots and angles! You must be relieved to have your first wedding under your belt!
Mae said…
Great pictures and blog.
cclarebear said…
Those pics are gorgeous - wedding photograph is so hard because there's so much responsibility and expectation. At least you had someone there with you. The pictures turned out great!
Alysa said…
Thanks everyone - it sure was a fun day. Appreciate all the kind words. Hugs to mom in Canada, Clare in Australia and back to Julie and Becky in Chicago/burbs. =)

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