OKC photo shoot #1.

Scooter. That was my nickname for Cheryl. My junior year of college found me roommate-less. At the beginning of the summer I was told I would have a single room on campus and I was so very excited about that. It was like a dream, really. My own space, a little sink in my room. I could stay up until 4am and sleep in until 11am. Just perfect.

And then about the week before school started I was told I didn't get the single room after all; it was going to a Senior. I remember calling my mom and bawling. I was devastated. And that left me scrambling for a roommate at the last minute.

Enter Cheryl who was going into her senior year at Moody. She was in need of a roommate on the 6th floor, the floor that my friend Michelle was the R.A. And so, upon hearing Scooter's contagious laugh, we decided to be roommates.

And Scooter was just the perfect person for me. Some might find it hard to believe, but I needed a little mellowing in my life. I needed someone to settle me down a bit and remind me that life was too short to get my undies all in a bundle over the fact that I couldn't clasp my necklace on my own. Or that I couldn't get the key to open the door.

So I would get worked up about something and Cheryl would just say, "Here, let me help." She's what I would call a problem-diffuser. Nothing much riled her up, calmly handling most anything that came her way. Couple that with the fact that she was a barrel of fun, always up for laughter, and it was a room-mate match made in heaven. {I'm not sure what she got out of the deal, but I scored.}

And THAT, my friends, is why she can handle four kids. FOUR. She solves problems and she laughs a lot. You can do just about anything if that's how you're wired.

She and her husband Leandro have four beautiful children. Isaac, their oldest, Joseph coming next, and then Trevor and Shayla bringing up the rear. So when I threw out the notion that I was coming to Oklahoma City and could squeeze in a couple of photo shoots, she jumped on it. Family of 6, here I come.

She asked where we might do pictures and in my northern mindset I said, "How 'bout a good field with grass and an old dilapidated barn. You know, we're in cowboy country in OKC."

She wrote back and said, "Umm, not really interested in your suggestion because the farmers might come out and shoot us with their shotguns, and if that doesn't kill us, the rattlers will."
Minor details my friend. Minor details.
And so we met at a local arboretum-type park and enjoyed our time together. {We snuck off for breakfast, just the two of us, the next morning so we could really visit and catch up, which was delightful!}

Anyway, enjoy a snapshot of our time together. You'll notice how difficult it is to catch four active kids in one shot. Some of my very favorites of the entire shoot are of all the kids looking different directions, except Isaac, who was just this adorable kid who I think might be a photographer some day. He kept saying, "How about over here? I could stand like this. Oh look, this would be a great spot." He was precious!
Cheryl, it was so great to re-connect after twenty years. Your disk is in the mail!


julie k. said…
What a unique and special family!! I especially love that last one. Adorable!

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