An Ode To My Mother.

I could talk about how great my mother is for a long, long time. She's just THAT good. I mean she gave up a week of her time in February to watch our kids, 24/7, so that Jack and I could vacation. Who does that? Oh ya, my mom.

She's the best Gobbie in the world.
Her grand kids all concur.

I wrote all about her last year {you can read it here.} Not much has changed. She's still all those things and more. I still love her that much. And more.

Isn't she cute?

I have to say that I'm really proud of her. If she wants to, she can do anything. She learned to golf in her late 50s. She has lost 26 pounds over the past several months. That's hard to do and yet she's stuck with it and has done it, one pound at a time.

If I were on the ball, I would have picked out a Hallmark card and had it in the mail two weeks ago. {She lives in Canada so I have to be super-duper on the ball or I miss all sorts of events; birthdays, anniversaries, grandparents day, etc. I just never can quite get stuff done on time.}

Anyway, here's my "hallmark" ode to my mother. And before you read, just know this. I have a deep admiration for those who can write poetry and understand it. I really, truly dislike poetry and have never, ever been good at it and never really understand it. {For the most part.} But tonight, for whatever reason, I felt like writing an elementary-style poem. Just for you, Mom. {Aren't you lucky?}

An Ode To My Mother
{and note that I did this post in blue, because blue's your favorite colour. I'm good like that.}

Since I was a little girl you wore cool hats.

From then until now you cared about cats.
{Especially your cat-like glasses.}
{I don't know where that came from; just trying my best to rhyme.}

You are fun and full of silliness.

Not a day goes by that I don't miss. {you}

You make a mean meal.

And you love a good deal.

You said, "Do not steal."

And never, ever, slip on a banana peel.

You taught many things like caring for others.

You lived out in front of me what it means to love my brother.

You're a very fast reader.

But you are not a good speeder.
{she's a rule keeper, remember}

You gave me a love for the finer things.

Like the JOY that drinking a Diet Coke brings.

You always, always, believed the best of me.

Spurring me on to be all that God made me to be.

I so wish we lived closer. I really, really do.

Because you'd cheer me up when I was blue.

You taught me to love, you made that {and so much more} so clear.

Dear mom, know today, that you are so dear.

I love you mom. I do wish we lived closer but I'm not going to dwell on that or I'll begin to feel sorry for myself. Instead, I will thank God for the times we do get to see each other and I'll treasure those in my heart always.

You are amazing.
You are beautiful.
I love you so.

Love, Alysa

P.S. Jack loves you too.
He told me.

P.P.S. And so does Lenny.
He mentioned it, too. You're pretty popular!


April (Guse) Fichthorn said…
So beautiful, Alysa!

You look just like your mom in the picture of her when she was a little girl :)
Cleary said…
You don't know how lucky you are (okay, maybe you do, but I just wanted to remind you!) :)
Mae said…
Thank you, dear daughter. I love you dearly.
becko said…
That was so cute!!

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