Katie & Fam Photo Shoot {Arlington Heights. Illinois.}

It has been really fun to start moving past my immediate circle of friends/family as my clients, to those I don't know. Referrals.

Katie, Dino and sweet Chloe were referred to me by none-other-than Mark and Catherine {you know, the Catherine who sort of got this whole Water Street Dream thing rollin'. You can check the back story about Catherine's influence here .}

Anyway, Katie is pregnant, due in July and Chloe is the big sister, who happens to be a delightfully active three-year-old.
Katie wanted some pictures of their family before number two comes along, as well as some of her baby belly. And let's just talk about how small her baby belly was. I think mine was that big at about, oh, 6 weeks along.
What a fun photo shoot. Our first date was rained out, so this was our second try and while the clouds were billowing in, we managed to get in a great hour together at a park near their home.

I'm not sure why, but this is next one is of my faves.
I guess to me, it's the epitome of a second time pregnancy. The first time around, you baby your belly. You protect it. You don't lift anything for fear that you might be thrown into early delivery. It's like you're carrying around this precious breakable egg. And then when pregnancy number two arrives, you're so busy being a parent to kid number you don't have time to pamper your belly. Your back is sore so you just throw on a 30 pound weight child on the other side and hope it all balances out and throws your back, back into alignment.

Thanks, Katie and Dino. It'll be fun to capture your number two's arrival in July. So looking forward to it.

Next picture:
Me to Chloe {in a whisper}: "Sneak up behind Daddy and give him a great big squeeze around the neck."
Or run and surprise attack him from the front. Either works. Great shot!


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