jenn plus matt plus garrett. {Chicago family photographer, Chicago, IL}

Meet Jenn and Matt and Garrett.

They are, by definition, a FUN family.

Aren't they totally cute? We met at a great park near their home, which come to find out, is their favorite place to go on weekends as a family. They walk, they throw rocks into the river, they're together. So I love that this park holds a special place in their hearts.
Their story.
Their traditions and routines.
We just wandered and let Garrett lead the way. I actually might have created a monster. Early on in the photo shoot I suggested that Jenn and Matt each grab one of Garrett's hands and sort of fling him up in the air. You know, a cute picture op.
And Garrett thought that was absolutely
So from that point forward that's what he wanted to do.
It was SO cute. So today, several days later, Jenn and Matt are probably saying, "Look what that photographer started? My arms are killin' me!"

This little darling absolutely LOVES both of his parents. Often a child will favour one or the other {a mama's boy or a daddy's girl} and yet Garrett was just smitten with both his mommy and his daddy. It was beautiful to see.

This little buddy will show up in the Majors somewhere. I guarantee it. He threw everything.
And far. And with accuracy. And he's only 2 1/2. Talk about an arm. Totally impressed.

And everyone loves a good game of hide-and-seek. Garrett loved it and when it was his turn to count, look what Matt and I found him doing while his mommy was running to hide. TOTALLY PEEKING!!!
Sneaky little fella!

And I have to brag just a bit on this family. Jenn is a nurse, and I think that is such an admirable profession. I don't think I fully realized how amazing nurses were until Maddie was born. And then, I was blown away by all they do. Talk about servant-hearted and loving and gentle. Nurses are beautiful, and that means you, Jenn!

And Matt just found out this week that he has been accepted into the Police Academy as an Illinois State Trooper {not sure that's the technical name but he gets to wear that funky hat and drive a fast car and make sure we're all safe and abiding by the speed-limit.} He comes from a long line of police officers, which I also think is so admirable, too. Congrats, Matt, for making it into the program. A nurse and a police officer - quite a combination!

Well hello little gorgeous blue eyed boy...

So how's that for a cool family?

Thanks, Jenn and Matt, for letting me capture your family before Matt goes off for training. Hopefully these pictures will carry you through your time apart and before you know it, you'll be back together as a little family, walking in the park!


lizwiththree said…
great shots!!! what lens did you use??? very impressive!!!
Alysa said…
Hey Liz,
Thanks!!! I used my 50mm and my 24-70. (my faves of the shoot were with my 50mm)...

Hugs, Alysa

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