catherine plus mark plus their 3 gals -- fall photo shoot. {Chicago, IL}

Shame on me. I just realized that I never posted pictures from my photo shoot of Catherine, Mark and their three girls, Annalise, Allie, and Olivia. That was this past November. Oopsy. That one slipped through the cracks.

Little background, HUGE impact. Catherine's the one that sort of got this photography gig of mine underway. You can read here to see her fingerprints all over this dream of mine.

Olivia wasn't too happy about something.

Anyway, this family is dear to us. Jack and Mark go way back; they were buds before Catherine and I were in either of their pictures.

Whenever I'm with Catherine I leave thinking, "Why do I not make more time for this gal? She is so great to hang with." She's one of those gals that makes you feel relaxed. Instantly. She's also a mom magnet at the park. Before you know it, she's connected 3 lonely moms that don't know a soul and she somehow arranges play dates and helps people get connected. She has a way of making people feel wanted and needed and included. She's beautiful, inside and out.

This family opens their home and their hearts. Regularly. They've had people stay with them for months on end. They purposely built their home with a lower level for just that purpose. They want their home to be used by God. Always.

So here's what they looked like six months ago! They're still as beautiful, they still love to play together and they still live life intentionally.

Sisters. I love these photos of the three of them.

Ummm, hello nose. Meet finger.


Grayson said…
ur right-she is a great gal, great family! I want to make time to get to know them more. ironically i read this after i friended her on FB!

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